What are the Most Popular Sex Toys?

Sex toys used to be wicked. You got them at most in dirty and gloomy sex shops in the station district. Nowadays, commercials run by online retailers in prime time television. Although many do not accept it: sex toys are paving the way to the middle of society. The focus is also on women as a purchasing group. In the series Sex and the City, Sex Toys also appeared. Most recently, Fifty Shades of Gray has gone a step further with its BDSM practices. And both franchises are aimed at the female sex. But men also enjoy sex toys. Be it for sparkling hours as a couple or for the amusement alone.

The most popular sex toys

Who thinks now, with the men rubber dolls are very high, which is wrong. Although rubber dolls are still listed among the bestsellers at mail order companies, however, these are sometimes of such poor quality that you can talk more about fun gifts for the bachelor party or your birthday. For women, the list is more familiar. Vibrators and dildos are very popular among females.

Why sex toys can improve the love life

The problem with many couples, and even more so with many men, is the fact that sex toys are considered competitive. If friend or girlfriend wants to use sex toys, many think they would not meet their partner. This does not have to be the case. Rather, sex toys should be seen as a pleasurable extension of the love game. No toy in the world can replace the partner. Anyone who changes the view of the little lust donors can benefit greatly.

And last but not least, the interest in sex toys also testifies to certain openness, which should actually be essential in every respect. If you let yourself in on new things in bed, you must not be afraid of boredom. Especially in long-term relationships, sex toys can provide new pleasurable hours for two. And one thing is clear: the right chemistry in the bedroom usually provides for a strong and long-lasting relationship. For example, some gay couples have vibrating dildos as go-to toys when sex is getting a little too plain.

On May of 50 Shades of Gray hold what you like, but at least the BDSM fetish has since become a little bit more socially acceptable. The range of fetter accessories and blindfolds, even gags has grown. I tested some of these accessories and here are a few tips and tricks for you.

Finally, you always like to try new things and explore your limits. This includes shackles and getting tied up. In general, the BDSM spectrum very exciting and every now and then a little bit of it in the bedroom can be very exciting and bring a fresh breeze.

Incidentally, if you stumble upon concepts that you are not familiar with right now, you can see if you can find them in my sex encyclopedia. Sex lovers always try to expand that for you; after all, they are constantly learning to do so.

What is BDSM?

The term is composed of several aspects of the slightly harder sexual preferences. Bondage and discipline, domination and submission, as well as sadism and masochism, fall into this spectrum. All participating partners are at peace with their role in the unequal power structure. They take these of their own free will. The RPG, a so-called BDSM session, is usually about disciplining, humiliation or inflicting pain on the so-called sub, the submissive party, through the dome, the dominant part. Sex through oral, vaginal or anal penetration does not necessarily have to be part of it. Before such a session boundaries should be clarified and a safe word agreed.

Also a surprising trend in BDSM is that on Google, one of the most-searched topic is male chastity.

How hard such a game turns out, is of course completely different even a soft velvet blindfold over the eyes or a soft silk scarf, which gently ties the hands together, can be a kick for the sex life. The cold touch of an ice cube on the skin if you cannot see it and cannot fight back then the gentle caress of a feather on the bare skin or a blow with the flat hand on the butt, everything is allowed as long as all parties feel like it.

Check out this article from Cosmopolitan to know more about BDSM.

Blind it feels better

Blindfolded eyes are a wonderful start for the gentle entry. If you cannot see anything, the other senses become more sensitive. You feel every touch more intense. You hear your own breathing and feel everything the partner does. And everything that touches the tongue is tasted well.

For starters you do not even need extras from the sex shop. Most of you will have scarf at home that are great for blindfolds. But of course, a nice, comfortable blindfold does a little bit more. Here there is now a very large selection. From nylon to satin and velvet to latex and leather, here everyone can find something for their taste. Incidentally, if you shop anyway, you can also put a black satin eye mask for free in the shopping cart. For the beginning, the quality is fine, but if you really want to be “blind”, you should invest a little bit.

Captivating devotion

You can find it incredibly stimulating to be at the mercy of a partner whom you fully trust. To not be able to defend myself and to “accept” whatever he does to you. The restraints are not only a limitation, but in other ways also a liberation because you can just enjoy. You have to enjoy, because that’s exactly what your partner wants you to do in this situation.

Depending on what you want, there are some tools. Do you have a soft bathrobe? Then try the belt off to tie the hands together carefully. Pass the knot a bit, you do not want to tie it too tight, but afterwards get it on again. In addition, should – especially with beginners – always be taken to ensure that the blood can still flow. So if you notice that your hands are tingling or getting cold, get yourself released immediately.

Shackles with Velcro straps are safer here – in case of doubt, you can also get them back on their own. There is a huge selection with plush, soft padding or leather. These luxurious leather restraints not only look great, they are also comfortable. Of course, handcuffs are also a possibility, but it may be inconvenient and impractical.