Bridge the Distance With Sex Toys

Thanks to social media platforms as well as other technological advances (such as video calling and the overall speed of connectivity), LDRs aren’t as hard as they used to be. However, that doesn’t mean being in one is easy.

Sure, we don’t have to wait days for the bright blue uniform of the mailman to chase away the rainy clouds with a letter from our loved one anymore. However, no matter how advanced technology is, it still doesn’t allow us to spend time (and we mean quality time, wink-wink) with our partner. We’re not at the Demolition Man level yet.

Thankfully, the sex toy industry can provide the next best thing. Gone are the days when we had to rely on shifty landlines for phone sex and stroke ourselves with nothing but our hands while we desperately listen to our partner’s voice telling us what they’d do to us if they were there with us. Now, long-distance partners can engage in some rather raunchy, shared sexual experience, even if they are miles apart.

How? Remote-controlled vibrators, male masturbators, rabbit vibrators, butt plugs, bullet vibrators, and other sex toys for couples in long-term relationships who don’t even share a postal code let alone a bed! 

How Sex Can Make or Break Any Relationship

Sex isn’t the most vital, determining factor in a relationship. However, no one can deny that it’s quite important. It keeps the spark and passion alive while also maintaining the romantic connection and intimacy between the partners. You’ve probably heard people say: “Yeah, we talk and have fun together, but if we don’t have sex, how is that any different than being friends?”

Although that’s not always the case, sex is kind of a big deal to most couples. It’s crucial not only that it happens but also that the quality and quantity of sexual encounters satisfy both partners.

As you can imagine (or have experienced), people in LDRs rarely meet the quota for the quantity, or at least that was the case up until recently. Now, LD partners can have shared sexual experiences, but that requires some unique toys, creativity, and persistence. 

Do People in Long-Distance Relationships Have It Harder or Easier?

Is maintaining a healthy sex life while in an LDR  harder or easier? Do people in regular relationships have ideal conditions, or is the struggle of LDRs only make-believe? 

The answers, of course, vary. Couples living together or even just regularly seeing each other because they live near will simply have more opportunities for sex. What’s more, they’ll also be able to “scratch the itch” as soon as it arises. That usually means less sexual frustration and blue-balling all around. 

To make a long-distance relationship work, people kind of have to settle for getting their rocks off when the opportunity presents itself (which is seldom). However, generally speaking, LD couples seem to have more open communication when it comes to sexual desires, fetishes, and kinks. This isn’t that surprising since LD couples usually rely on talking to deal with anything and everything. Furthermore, they have more time to breach sensitive topics delicately.

Therefore, it’s somewhat challenging to determine whether people in LDRs have it easier or harder than others. It’s all a matter of perspective and commitment.

Staying Connected Despite the Distance

Long-distance sex toys have become popular sex gifts for LD couples lately. Take a long-distance vibrator for example. It’s the perfect naughty gift to send to your loved one who’s miles away. They can use it on their own while thinking of you. That will somewhat connect you and keep your sexual experiences tied to the other person.

On the other hand, they can also rely on you to please them. With the remote control in your hand (or, more commonly, an app on your phone), you get to decide when to reward your partner with the jolts of bliss in the forms of vibrations and even thrusting. So, basically, with remote-control toys, the chips seem to fall in the same place as they do in regular relationships. Partners depend on each other for pleasure (lest they want to finish themselves off).

This is a fantastic benefit for LD couples because, while we can get someone else to have coffee with us or take us to the movies, we can’t exactly build intimacy and closeness with a person who isn’t our partner. Like it or not, intimacy demands vulnerability, exposure, and sex. So LDR sex toys allow LD couples to achieve what they thought of as unachievable — levels of affection and familiarity that only people who have navigated each other’s genitals attain.

LDR Sex Toys and Their Main Benefits

Aside from the significant benefits we’ve already mentioned, there are quite a few more of them when it comes to LDR sex toys. 

Couples in long-distance relationships have some major advantages. First of all, they have the luxury of a delayed reaction. That means that no matter what your partner tells you or presents you with, you don’t have to react to it immediately, given that the interaction is almost certainly happening via a phone call or a text. 

This is an excellent bonus for those of us who have no capability of taming our facial expressions. Our partners read us like open books based on the faces we make when they tell us something in person. Well, LD couples don’t have to deal with that as often.

Now, you might be wondering why that matters, considering that we’re discussing LDR sex toys. Well, have you ever had a kink or a sexual desire that you were scared to bring up? Like, maybe you’re really into anal sex, but don’t know how to breach the subject. Or perhaps you’d like to peg your partner but think they won’t be receptive.

LDR sex toys and gadgets can help you in both (and many other) cases. When you’re using a sex toy with your LD partner, you are technically letting go of control. They have the remote, so they have the power. 

However, it’s still just you in that room (or bed). That gives us an illusion of privacy and perhaps makes us more open-minded and receptive to ideas (Remember how we mentioned that LD couples talk more about kinks? That’s why).

A Few Parting Words

Not all sex toys are made equal — that much is clear. You can take your pick based on the quality, material, sensation, etc. that you’re after. However, today, you can also pick and choose sex toys based on the type of relationship you’re in. 

All sex toys will come in handy when it comes to spicing up your long-distance relationship. Still, those made explicitly for LD couples will help the most. They enhance the overall pleasure and work on building the intimacy between the partners. Another win-win from the sex toy industry!