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this toy will surely knock you off hello
everybody my name is Lisa and Adam Eve
has sent me to review this awesome toy
called the glass anal training in it and
it is absolutely amazing my lights are
making her crazy right now but I
absolutely love this kit
so before I start telling you about this
awesome kit I do have an amazing priming
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first now let’s get started on these
these are wonderful for beginners
because you have three different sizes
so you can work yourself up they are
phthalate free hypoallergenic
temperature play around the tip for easy
insertion which I love and they each
come with their own little separate bag
which i think is the cutest thing ever
it each have their on home little velvet
bag which is stick you to sing so you
don’t move them all in the same bag like
lining around you have each okay now you
have the smallest one here which is a
really good size for starters you want
to use a lot of lip and very slowly I
love this kit for my for my beginner kit
it definitely takes time to work
yourself up so do not get frustrated
when you can’t go right onto the next
you do need to definitely spend some
time on little one get yourself
comfortable with it and then you can go
into the
next one this is the next one and as you
can see there’s a good good little
difference in size again do not rush
yourself take it very slowly this is an
awesome one to get yourself prepared for
the next one which is this one this one
is really really pretty big pretty hefty
um but they all pray feel amazing and
this is kind of like this I don’t know
you like almost like you want a prize if
you can get it in in my opinion that’s
how I was like this is how I I was
playing a little game with myself
literally um so you just have to make
sure you take it extremely slow and lots
of food and so I really enjoyed this
annual training kit I think it’s great
for beginners and again I’m either
gorgeous like look how pretty that is
this is the way they should be like in a
chandelier in a house it spins or in
your butt whatever I either way I love
them um I’m gonna put them in their
little bag just to show you like how
sweet that is
well can’t stinking cute actually yeah
this one goes in here and then this
thing goes in here okay
so I just want to stress very quickly
that I know when you’re a beginner and
you’re just starting out with sex toys
and stuff like that that you’re very
kind of nervous to begin with but Adam
it is super discreet so if you order
from them you will never know what’s in
the box
all of those maybe you know its
neighbors will never know
it does not say what’s in there it does
not say where it’s from don’t have to
worry about so that simple super
discreet do not forget that promo code a
Ginga that’s my purse that’s my f irst
when you’re checking out your goodies
Adam and Eve I do you like this one
again this click glass anal training kit
love it check it out don’t forget my
first again this up to 50% off plus free
discreet shipping a free mystery is in
DVDs thank you guys so much for watching
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