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With The B13bar Group Ltd. partnering with so many global running and challenge events, many of the participants use as their perfect go-to website for all of their support needs. Furthermore, we guarantee continual growth of our audience via our integrated event registration software, b13bar registrations.

All participants entering events that use b13bar registrations are channeled into We help prepare them by providing day-by-day training plans, expert led training articles and other supportive content. There are a several opportunities for advertisers to reach our continually growing audience.

Newsletter opportunities offers a wealth of promotional opportunities via a portfolio of well-established newsletters. Our newsletters make use of targeted and highly clickable content and features based around running, fitness, sport, physical challenges, diet and healthy food. These newsletters keep our service relevant to our users by providing useful and reliable material which is relevant to them and their interests. They also have helped ensure that plays a pivotal and continual role in their pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle.

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To help ensure you achieve maximum exposure for your organisation, offers site-wide advertising opportunities in the form of full width and full width detail advertising  options.

Opportunities for charity advertising

People wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle, get more out of life, and most importantly of all, those who want a challenge are the exact target audience for charities. Those wishing to align themselves next to these potential fundraisers can do so through a variety of marketing options from large impactful display advertising, to charity listings and large database driven newsletters.

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