Anal Douche Types and Buying Tips

Many people enjoy douching, and it is a great way to improve your hygiene and prepare for some anal fun. We can help you if you are wondering how to anal douche or what type of equipment you will need. 

Here, we will go through all the types of douches you might encounter and what makes them unique. In the end, the choice is yours; but hopefully, we will be able to help you with your decision. 

Anal Douche Description

Many people across the world are opting for homemade anal douches. But what exactly is that? Anal douche involves the use of water to clean the rectum. There are several types of douches available based on the kind of technique and fluid you’ll use. 

Some people enjoy douching for hygienic reasons, while others just want to clean themselves when preparing for anal. 

The basic idea behind douching is simple. You won’t need to put anything up your butt. Instead, you will use water pressure to clean yourself. Of course, douching is unnecessary, but many people want to ensure that nothing goes wrong and to avoid any messy situations. 

If you have no experience with this type of cleaning before anal play, there is no reason to worry. The whole process is simple, and you can do it even in your shower. Naturally, you will need to pick one of the douches before you can safely insert any liquid into the rectum. 

Why Buying the Right Type of Anal Douche Is Important?

If you plan on using a douche, it is rather important how you do it. With a proper tool, you won’t need to spend unnecessary time doing it, and everything can be over in a couple of minutes. Furthermore, since there are different types of equipment, you need to find the one that’s suitable for you and your body.

While each model has its purpose, some people will always prefer one to the other. You will need to find which one works for you. But always keep your health in mind. That implies being mindful of the type of fluid you will use since you don’t want to disrupt your rectum’s natural state.

Moreover, with a good douche, you’ll be able to control water temperature and pressure (if you are using water) as well. Using too high a pressure will cause more harm than good.

Basic Anal Douche

The first type you can try is the bulb douche. That is the most common type you will encounter, and it can do a great job preparing you for anal. One of the best things about these bulbs is that they are reusable, and you won’t need to get a new one whenever you desire to clean yourself. 

Besides the bulb, there is also a nozzle which you will use to direct the stream of water or other fluids like saline. Once you insert the nozzle into the rectum, press gently on the bulb. That’s it! The whole process is similar to turkey basters. 

Shower System

If you want to keep it in the bathroom, all you need to do is get a shower anal douche. These kits come in two variants. The first one is temporary, and you will need to reinstall it before each use. Basically, it will completely replace the showerhead, and you will need to remove it once you’re done.

The second type consists of an additional shower hose and will remain installed for as long as you want. While you can easily adjust the shower for warm water, the only issue will be finding the perfect pressure. 


Water Bag Douches

While water bag douches are great, and they can certainly do their job, many people avoid using them. Probably the main reason for this is that these water bags can look quite sterile. There is no doubt that they have that hospital look, and the last thing you’ll need is to feel like you’re preparing for some scary procedure.

Enema bags also come with a nozzle, and some models have a hook as well. That way, you can hang them onto something, and wait for the gravity to do its job. But water bags can have a lot more water than you’d need for douching, and controlling the amount of water is often challenging.

Disposable Douches

As you can probably guess already, these are single-use only. Disposable douches can carry around 150 ml of liquid. They are easy to use and often quite similar to turkey basters. 

The only difference is, of course, that you won’t have any replaceable parts, and you will throw them away after you’re done. 

Since they are disposable, the quality of these products may vary, and it would be best to see reviews and opinions before getting one. If you plan on douching more than once, you might want to get something reusable and with better quality. However, if this is a one-time thing for you, disposable ones will do a great job. 

Inflatable Douches

Inflatable douches are actually sex toys, and they are perfect if you want a two-in-one gadget. Some models act as both enemas and butt plugs, and you (or your partner) can control the amount of fluid that’s inserted into the anus. 

Since the toy is inflatable, the material used is rubber. Naturally, it’s body-safe, and you can find it in many sex shops. 

Before you use the toy, you should check how much it can inflate so that you know what to expect. Inflatable toys are great if you are looking for a fuller feeling, but you shouldn’t try to push your limits once you start using it. 

Pleasure Nozzles

Douche nozzles can also be used for pleasure. But you should keep in mind that pleasure nozzles are not a separate toy, but rather an addition to something else. They can be used for showers, bidets, etc.

Remember that these nozzles are not really designed with hygiene in mind, and there are a lot of ribs, curves, or patterns that will help you enjoy douching. 

That means that you should focus on cleaning them properly once you’re done, to ensure that the toy is spotless and there are no risks for your health. 

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