Tips on Choosing Your First Anal Douche

Showers with a difference! With this small, elegant and practical helper made of skin-friendly, medical grade stainless steel, you can make sure that the anal or vaginal play can be enjoyed without worries and relish.

The perfect intimate shower for future experiments and a “clean” game for two: Enjoy the edgeless processing and its 3 variable attachments and make cleaning your intimate zone in addition to a true elation you’ll never want to use anything else again!

A treat that will rob you of the senses: Because of the 3 different shower heads, you can decide for yourself what is most comfortable or most pleasurable. Variety is taken care of.

You do not have to use these little pretty things only and exclusively for cleaning, but you can also use them for completely new possibilities when bathing or showering, as a couple or alone. Hold the beam to your erogenous zones and let yourself be pampered.

Scope of supply: Shower attachment adapter, 3 attachments, velvet pouch for storage, instructions, high quality packaging.

Features of Anal Douches

  • This intimate shower is the pleasure charm in the body care and not only ensures a pleasant feeling, but also gives you the way, the pure ecstasy.
  • Intimate showers which shine through a high-quality and edgeless processing. Use it as an anal shower, vaginal douche or off-the-belt stimulation.
  • Included in the delivery are 3 different essays, which ensure a guaranteed “clean” lovemaking and let you be uninhibited yourself
  • Diameter: 3.0cm – 2.6cm – 2.0cm; Connection size of the attachments: 1,7cm; Total length: 15.0cm – 16.5cm
  • Made of skin-friendly, medical stainless steel, German manual, velvet bag for storage, high quality packaging


How to use an enema pear before anal sex

First, performing anal sex involves, from time to time, having the chance to see or feel very lightly particles of one’s own stool or that of one’s partner. This is part of the practice and there is no discomfort to having in relation to this. After all, everyone has an anus and we know all and all the functions of our digestive system.

Your question refers to anal enema pears. Some people prefer, for various reasons, to perform an anal enema before sexual activities in this area. Before using an enema pear, it is important to know some of its provisions. It must be remembered that preliminary practice with homemade anal douches is not obligatory or necessary for anal intercourse, be it rimming, penetration with finger, hand, penis or sex toys.

The rectum is a part of the intestine that is usually empty, and that stays empty until you have a bowel movement. When the need to bowel is felt, fasces may be present until they are expelled. It may be advisable to have a bowel movement for an hour or two before having an anal intercourse in order to expel the excrement and allow the rectum time to empty and, in a certain way, self-discharge. Clean. Indeed, the rectum performs a kind of suction movement to prevent the excrement remains stuck. If you are afraid that the anus is dirty, you can take a shower before the report.

Now let’s talk more specifically about the anal enema with an enema pear. First, it is important to note that the water jet must be handled gently enough to avoid injuring the very fragile lining of the rectum. There are several models of pears, and its uses may vary depending on the model. However, it is usually a pouch filled with a sterile liquid with a long tube or a simple pear, similar to those used to clean the ears, in larger.

In the case of the pouch, simply insert the tube into the anus, lift the pouch gently and let the gravity do its work. The rectum will then fill with water that will evacuate fairly quickly in the toilet or shower. The pear works in a similar way, but sterile water or sterile enema must be added and the pear gently squeezed into the toilet.

Sometimes a single filling is enough to evacuate all traces of excrement. Sometimes it is necessary to fill the pear a few times and to evacuate to the saddle as and when. When you think you have finished this task, there may still be some water left in your rectum and you have to return to the seat to evacuate the whole thing a few minutes later. It’s completely normal. This is why some people prefer to perform this type of enema about an hour before their intercourse to avoid getting back in the saddle during their sexual activities. In addition, eating or drinking before intercourse can stimulate the digestive system and, consequently, make invisible all the effort invested in the enema. It does not matter, but it is information that can sometimes be practical.

In addition, it is not necessarily recommended for the health of your intestinal flora to proceed too frequently to anal enemas. That’s why expert advise you to avoid doing it too regularly. Moreover, since the anal enema can affect your intestinal flora, it is recommended to have a diet rich in pro-biotic. This will greatly help your intestinal flora to keep itself healthy.

You can also check this article from VeryWellHealth for another step by step guide on how to an enema safely.

Three solutions:

  • The enema pear: of different sizes it is a pear-shaped plastic container with a tip that unscrews. Water is inserted by unscrewing the mouthpiece.
  • The shower cannula: in pvc or metal, it is a tip that screws to your shower pipe instead of the shower head
  • The enema bag (or enema shower): it This is a bag that you fill with water with a hose and a cannula

Experts have a preference for the shower cannula because it is easier to use, more efficient and you do not swing air into the rectum when there is more water. Besides, they advise you to have some lubricating gel with you while you do the enema, you will see later why.

You will find these utensils sex-shop with many different sizes and more. In general it is out-of-price but it is not necessarily that you should buy used or borrow those of your friends: to each his gear to avoid transmitting certain bacteria or viruses.

Some people who have nothing on hand are used to using their shower hose nozzle by removing the knob. Know firstly that if you do not clean the tip regularly there may be bacteria and other dirt and secondly if you do that in saunas, hotels, etc. he also aware that if several people do the same thing there is a risk of transmission of certain STIs. In the sauna do not hesitate to ask for disposable shower cannulas, sometimes they have when they have a hose available for enemas in the toilet.