The secret of G-Spot: Forget the myths and lost in unexplainable stimulation

Some women who want to know how to find G-Spot may not be comfortable with the thought of masturbation. Others may just be having a hard time locating it on their own when touching themselves. There is an option. It is possible to find your pleasure spot location during sex or pretense with your partner. One of the best sexual positions to do this is from behind, or a landscape version of “doggy style”.

Find your G spot with the help of below points

  • Spread a little lubricant over the front of your partner’s thighs. Border it, turn away from him while sitting on the heels with his legs underneath him. If you are not excited and wet from previous predictions, use a lubricant.
  • Lie on your stomach lips slightly open and press toward the top of your thigh. Make sure your clitoris also touches the skin, because different parts of your anatomy offer different forms of stimulation. Take full advantage of this fact by placing yourself to enjoy full contact.
  • Rub your thighs up and down until you find a pressure and rhythm that will suit you. The feeling of stiff hair on your private parts can be a new experience for you, so as not to rush and end up annoying yourself. Finding your G-Spot during sex should be a fun and relaxed experiment. Do not be frustrated, stretching for orgasm too early. Have your partner stroke your back and touch your breasts to help boost your enjoyment as you usually under the “doggy style” prelude.
  • Raise your bottom slightly for your partner to put a finger a few inches in the vagina. Tell him to push down, toward the front of the vaginal wall. First, he just keeps his finger as you continue to rub his thighs. Experiment with different motions and pressures to find those you like.
  • Squeeze your vaginal muscles around your partner’s finger as it’s going in and out. As soon as you find your joy zone, trust your intuition. Whether you want him to keep still, or start touching your finger, let your want to be known. Do this as long as you want. It is possible to orgasm during this step in the foreplay before even participating in intercourse.
  • Slide off your partner’s thigh, positioning a pillow under the stomach and pelvis. You can continue to rub your lips and clitoris against the pillow while your partner enters you from behind. Has he pushed his penis downward, as he made his finger a few inches in the vagina? Experiment with continuing to move or to move him. Stack slowly at the beginning, allowing you to locate G-Spot during intercourse in “doggy style” mode.

Tips and warnings

G-Spot stimulation alone can cause you to orgasm but pair it with clitoral stimulation helps to ensure you come.Make sure your partner clips and cleans under the nails. Few mistakes will destroy the entire experience.

Where is the g-point actually?

This is the point that can be the way to her heart. Here you can learn how to find the G-point and how to give your woman an amazing G-point orgasm. There are many myths about the G-point and how to find it.

The G-point has such a mystery and that a small point in the body can give you the wildest orgasm ever. Although researchers have not been able to prove the G-point, many sexologists and women have no doubt said: There is and for most, a stimulation of this would provide a massive orgasm.

Where is the G-point and how do I find it?

The G point is found by pushing a finger in the vagina and making some kind of β€œcome here” motion with your finger pointing up against your woman’s navel. 1-4 cm up in the vagina, there will be a small rough place. It can be hard to find, but that’s what you’re looking for. If you fail on the first try, do not worry, try again! The G – point is easiest to find when the woman is excited.

How do I stimulate the G-point?

You stimulate the G- point with constant contact. So not much back and forth but a constant and prolonged press. It may be quite difficult to lie with a hand established there, so expert can only recommend investing in a g – point swivel. They are made so that the g- point is constantly stimulated.

If you do not have the time or the desire to wait for a g-spot vibrator, then the best way to meet the g-point ” natural”, take her doggy style. It’s a very good way to give constant pressure. It may feel a bit difficult, but at least one hand is free to trick her in all other places that you know she loves.

It may be a bit of a challenge to find and stimulate the g-point with penis and some of an effort to do it by hand. Fortunately, there are g-spot-specific sex toys good for travelling. Both can be used in pairs and can be used alone. A rabbit vibrator is perfect when you want double stimulation. With its rabbit ears, the rabbit carries clitoris while the other part reaches the g-point. The dual stimulus gives magical orgasms.

What is G?

It is a German gynecologist, Ernest Grafenberg, who formally identified him in the 1940s. According to him, the G spot would be an area of ??the vagina, located about 3 cm from the entrance, recognizable by its rounded appearance and its mucous membrane a little more raspy than on the other zones of this private part. To find it, simply lie on your back and introduce a finger in your vagina by bending up. You can also ask your partner to do it. Besides, can this gesture bring pleasure? Not really, according to Catherine Solano, doctor-sexologist, its stimulation does not necessarily have an extraordinary effect.

Does G-spot Stimulation cause an orgasm?

The stimulation of the G-spot does cause an orgasm in 10% of women, but in the other 90%, it leads at best a pleasant effect without more.To reach orgasm, stimulate the other areas of the vagina: the entrance, the back, the sides, and the bottom. Their excitement also gives pleasure. Do not worry about this G that makes you fantasize but does not lead to orgasm as often as you think concludes the sexologist.