Top Questions About Butt Plugs — Answered

Butt plugs are undoubtedly the ultimate anal tool for beginners and intermediate users alike! They can help you train for anal and even allow you to reach an intense backdoor orgasm. But before you grab one and clumsily penetrate yourself or your lover, it’s better to go through all the essential questions regarding these awesome anal toys. 

So what does a butt plug do, and which one should you buy? Check out our answers to the top questions about butt plugs! 

Do I Need Butt Plugs Before Anal Sex? 

Firstly, you should always approach anal penetration slowly and safely. Almost any beginner will have to prepare their booty for penetration with a penis or larger sex toys. Successful anal prep will not only make the experience less painful, but it will also result in enhanced pleasure and stronger orgasms. The quickest and safest way to prepare for any anal activity is to use butt plugs or similar toys. 

For novices, butt plugs are undoubtedly among the most effective toys for anal training. While it’s also possible to use fingers or smaller vibrators or dildos, anal plugs are ideal due to their size. 

Overall, the toy has a cone-like shape that ends with a flared base. Its shape is simply a perfect fit for the anus. It allows you to stretch out the internal/external sphincter muscles gently. Plus, the base of the plug allows it to stay inside the anus. That means it will never get stuck or lost once inserted. Ideally, you should use a plug before any anal sex session.

Which Butt Plug Is the Best for Me?

There is a wide variety of butt plug types. That includes plugs of different designs, shapes, bases, colors, and materials. If you’ve never owned one, it’s best to take some time and consider the type that would suit you the best. 

Typically, beginners should pick a classic plug shape. This type is the most basic, and its plain tear-drop shape is ideal for first-timers. The classic variant is usually about three to five inches long. Moreover, silicone is the best material for this kind of plug. It’s a body-safe material that is smooth, flexible, and non-porous. 

Other butt plug types can be made of latex, plastic, rubber, stainless steel, glass, or even cyber skin. Experienced users could enjoy rigid materials like metal or glass. For instance, a metal plug can heat up once inserted, which is excellent for temperature play. Anal plugs can also be shaped like a penis. or they could be curved or ribbed. 

Aside from the classic tear-drop kind, other popular types include jeweled plugs, animal tail plugs like the ones from, expanding plugs, hollow plugs, and vibrating plugs. Moreover, advanced users could choose extra large plugs, inflatable plugs, anal beads, prostate massager plugs, etc. 

Do Butt Plugs Hurt?

Besides providing an easy way to prepare for anal play, butt plugs can produce incredibly unique sensations. Essentially, they create a particular type of pressure. In most cases, this delicious feeling creates a sensation of “fullness.” You can also wear butt plugs for longer sessions since their design allows for hands-free stimulation. 

What’s more, beginners should note that plugs are some of the safest anal toys. With proper use, they could only create mild discomfort during insertion or removal. However, if you’re careful and relaxed, you may not even experience discomfort at all. 

So take your time and insert the plug slowly and carefully. It’s possible to experience intense pressure or mild pain as you push the toy in fully. But, this sensation could only last for a few moments. Your body will get used to the stimulation as your rectum adapts to the widest part of the plug. 

Additionally, removal could be painful if you take the plug out forcefully. It’s necessary to remain fully relaxed here and take out the toy gently. Remember to use plenty of lube (water-based) during insertion as well as removal. It can lower any risks of discomfort significantly. 

Should I Use Rigid or Flexible Plugs? 

There are many other ways to explore anal play with plugs. However, it could be challenging to try some kinky anal activities with an ill-fitting toy. 

For example, as your anal skills improve, you could use the plug for some in/out as well as side-to-side motions. Conversely, you could wear one in public while sitting down or walking. Therefore, if you are considering a flexible or rigid plug, the best thing to do is to think about your plans. 

If you want to move the toy or keep it inside for longer, a flexible type could be a better option. It could adapt to your body and move with you. A flexible silicone toy could also be the best choice for newbies. Namely, a silicone plug is bendy and not as firm as a rigid variant. 

But, if you’re only using a plug for anal training in one or two positions, consider a high-quality rigid plug. This kind (e.g., metal or glass) will not move after insertion. It will also add weight and pressure for more intense sensations. 

Is Anal Orgasm Real, and Can You Reach One Using a Butt Plug?

Fortunately, anal orgasms are no longer considered a myth. Nearly anyone can experiment and try to reach this unique type of climax with butt plugs, other toys, or full penetration. 

Overall, the anal area contains thousands of sensitive nerves that can produce intense sensations for both women and men. For women, many of those nerves are linked straight to the clitoris. That means a backdoor climax can create strong pulses and intense contractions. However, during this type of orgasm, the sphincter muscles may squeeze. With an ass plug and additional stimulation or even vaginal penetration, women could experience strong waves of pleasure. And for men, a butt plug could stimulate the prostate. That can lead to a unique body-shaking orgasm and powerful contractions during ejaculation.


Hopefully, our butt plug instructions and answers to popular questions have shown you the benefits and the best tips for using this incredibly useful and versatile toy! Some even use anal plugs to enliven relationships, so that’s another reason for you to enjoy anal plugs. So don’t hesitate to order one today and have fun! 

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