How to Know Which Anal Plug is Perfect for You

Proper use of such a sex toy like butt plug can add a piquant variety to the sex life of any couple.In recent years, anal sex from the forbidden, and sometimes denied type of entertainment, has become a completely familiar and acceptable way of relationships. At the same time, the taboo was also removed from all sorts of accessories for anal stimulation. Now they are actively used by both same-sex and traditional couples. Some even use anal plugs to enliven relationships.

One of the piquant intimate toys is the butt plug, which creates a feeling of pleasant fullness in the rectum. The impact of toys on the sensitive areas of the anus multiplies the orgasm.

What is butt plug?

This anal stimulator looks like a mini dildo. Such toys can be as usual conical, and fancifully curved. Outside butt plugs are smooth or covered with all sorts of spikes and growths. Thanks to the extended base, the toy does not sink completely into the intestine. The presence of a vibrating mechanism or pump for blowing air allows you to make the sensations stronger and brighter. Modern manufacturers offer latex, silicone, rubber, metal, plastic and even glass anal plugs. So if you want to know do men have better orgasm with butt plug this is a perfect option now. You need to know do men have better orgasm with butt plug?Anal sleeve with decoration metal butt plug butt plug with a heart what are anal plugs for?

This accessory will appeal not only to women, but also to men. With it, you can solve several problems at once:

Diversify sexual relationships, using a toy for additional stimulation during love games. First, its effect on the sensitive areas of the rectum enhances pleasure. And secondly, with the introduction of the accessory, the vagina naturally narrows, which gives more pleasure to both partners;

Extend the boundaries of the allowable. Walking with the inserted anal plug acts so exciting that you want to quickly go home and continue this sensual holiday. In addition, such a convenient dilator anus can be the first step towards full anal sex. Such a toy is especially useful for those who are afraid of pain and discomfort during unconventional penetration;

To have a healing effect. Bent anal plugs perfectly massage the prostate, preventing the occurrence of stagnation and inflammation.


How to choose butt plug?

When you first buy a butt plug, it is best to choose a latex or silicone model of small diameter and length. It will not look frightening, and soft materials will provide comfortable penetration. If you already use such a toy, then you should pay attention to more advanced models for sexually liberated partners.

Anal sleeve for men butt plug with a tail butt plug with holder How to use butt plug correctly?

There are some simple rules that will help you enjoy this sexy accessory:

  • It is important to follow the usual hygiene requirements: wash the butt plug with warm soapy water before and after use, use a condom
  • Cleansing enema will help you ensure cleanliness and confidence in hygienic safety
  • Butt plug games do not allow haste and effort. Everything must be done very gently. First, using the foreplay to relax the anus, and then gently place a toy into it. It is important to use anal water-based lubricant, which compensates for the lack of natural lubricant in the rectum
  • During the careful and smooth introduction of the toy into the anus, watch your feelings or the behavior of your partner
  • After use, the butt plug should be thoroughly washed

Safety regulations

To protect your partner from developing an infection in the vagina, do not insert the anal plug into it after she has been in the rectum. Although these bodies are located in the neighborhood, the micro flora in them is completely different and, moreover, conflicts with each other;

Butt plug must be used for its intended purpose. Its task is to cause sensual pleasure due to the feeling of fullness of the anus, and not to perform the classic frictional movements in the rectum;

When you first use the anal plug in order to avoid pain and discomfort, you need to act very gently and carefully.

Butt plug will help to make your sex life more intense and diverse. The practice of anal sex causes a lot of controversy and criticism, but its popularity is absolutely not affected. Proper use of the product for nailingรญs able to deliver an incomparable level of pleasure to a person. The use of anal plug during love games opens up new horizons of opportunities for partners and introduces unique sensations.

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What is anal plug for?

  • Preparing the anus for sex;
  • Effective prostate massage;
  • Serves as a good prevention of hemorrhoids;
  • Butt plug tail is an original intimate decoration;
  • Products allow you to get double the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

High quality butt plug, which you can buy in our online store รฌIntimaรฎ, allows you to further stimulate the anus, preparing it for intercourse. The classic version of the product is designed to train the anal muscles. It is usually made of solid materials and can be used with various lubricants. The inflatable butt plug is first inserted inside, and only after that it inflates and acquires the necessary shape. This product allows you to sharpen sexual sensations. The game version of the device is the butt plug with a tail, which is ideal for role-playing games.

Products designed to diversify sex life and deliver a double pleasure. Butt plug for men is usually curved to stimulate the prostate. There are also mechanical and electrical products. The electric version is able to vibrate in various intensity modes.

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Rules For The Use Of Anal Plugs

How to use butt plug correctly? The first step is to choose the optimal size of the product.

For beginners fit small in diameter and length of the device. The use of a lubricant is a prerequisite, because the anus does not produce a natural lubricant. A special tool will ensure optimal cork slip and eliminate the possibility of injury.

  • Choose a comfortable posture: supine, squatting or standing on all fours
  • It is recommended to do several breathing exercises to relax the anus
  • It is worthwhile to introduce the product with minimal effort
  • After insertion of the stopper, it is necessary to relax the sphincter

Butt plug “fox tail” is used on the same principle. Numerous reviews on the Internet about butt plugs assert that these devices are capable of bringing necessary acuity to the hectic sex life and strengthen sensations. However, do not forget about the hygienic rules of use and be sure to wash the product with warm water and soap before use. If a rectal plug is inserted into the vagina after rectal use, a condom must be put on. Vaginal micro flora is very sensitive, and non-compliance with this rule can lead to infectious inflammations. It is also recommended before using the anal plug “giant” or any other to do an enema and clean the anus. Only by observing these recommendations one can count on a comfortable and pleasant application of this particular product.