How to Introduce Pegging to Your Man

If you’re into male anal play, pegging can be an infinitely naughty and even savage act. With pegging, you can dominate your guy or give him some unforgettable orgasms. Many women love this kinky practice, and it is a widespread fantasy among men too. It’s a fantastic way to deepen a couple’s sexual bond. What’s more, there are tons of power dynamics involved in it. You can combine it with all sorts of kinky fetishes, roleplay, dirty talk, exciting sex toys, and even BDSM practices. 

However, this topic may be sensitive for guys who haven’t explored any sort of anal penetration. So before you make him bend over and pop his butthole cherry, take a look at this guide and learn how to introduce pegging to your man! 

Why Anal Gives Pleasure 

Various types of anal stimulation and penetration are highly pleasurable for women as well as men. The anal area contains over 8,000 sensitive nerve endings. Stimulating these can create some unique sensations in both sexes. However, men also have a prostate. This organ is also referred to as the P-spot.

What’s more, there are tons of nerve endings within the prostate. During ejaculation, it releases prostate fluid — an essential component of semen. The prostate is also crucial for sustaining erections. When stimulated from the inside of the rectum, this walnut-like gland can produce incredibly unique prostate massage orgasms. But male butt play is not only exciting due to unique P-spot orgasms. A lot of guys enjoy all sorts of butt stuff. That includes fingering, anilingus or rimming, using butt plugs, and pegging. When combined with penile stimulation, any type of anal sex can be highly enjoyable. It can cause a heightened sense of arousal and can lead to intense orgasms. 

This article from Mr. Racy will tell you more about the pleasure of prostate milking.

Furthermore, in heterosexual partnerships, men enjoy various types of butthole adventures too. Other than for physical pleasure, power dynamics and relationship roles make up for a big part of anal play. For instance, some guys are just begging to get anally dominated by women. On the other hand, women can take immense pleasure in being in charge during pegging or other types of anal. Couples can also benefit from male anal play if their sexual relationship has hit the brakes. All in all, it’s an excellent way to introduce some kinkiness into your sex life. 

Talking to Your Man About Pegging

Unfortunately, most guys are uncomfortable with anything butt-related. Sure, they would never hesitate to stick their cock in your ass if you gave them permission. However, when it comes to their own assholes, they may not be so open to it. Lots of straight men believe that pegging is a way to degrade their “alpha male” status or make them appear gay. But it’s crucial to mention that anal play is actually the opposite. 

It’s a perfect way to explore a straight guy’s sexuality and bring him unusual sensations as well as powerful orgasms. So keep that in mind if you are thinking about discussing this with your partner. If you introduce any sort of butt stuff without asking, he could get scared and could even push you away.

One useful trick to try is to simply chat with him about anything anal-related. If he’s into doing stuff with your butt, he probably won’t hesitate to talk about it. Then, it’s a wise idea to ask him if he would be open to any type of male anal play. If he’s unsure, you can spark his interest in bed next time by gently stimulating his asshole during oral sex and other foreplay activities. He may not even be aware of it, but it could be exactly what he wants. After that, you could discuss the idea of anal penetration, and eventually, persuade him to try pegging. It’s essential to talk to him and let him know how pegging could feel comfortable and fun for both of you. 

Preparing Your Man for Anal Pegging

It’s crucial to note that guys who have no experience with anal will not be able to try pegging straight away. The anus is quite sensitive, and it will need some training beforehand. Thus, you’ll need to start off gradually. 

First, make sure he’s clean to avoid any health risks or messy situations. Men can clean out their rectum in multiple ways — from a simple shower to water enemas. There are tons of tutorials that your man can research online to see what would suit him the best. And when he’s clean, it’s best to start with light fingering. Don’t forget to play with his sphincter as well as his cock and balls simultaneously. That will get him accustomed to the sensations. Of course, lots of lube will be essential. It’s best to use silicone lube during anal play.

Additionally, anal training takes some time, and couples will need to be patient. It will take a few sessions until he is fully ready for penetration. After trying a finger or two, you could even transition to anal training kits. They contain butt plugs, dildos, or beads that gradually increase in size. With these toys, you can train your man step by step and allow him to get to a stage where pegging will feel good and pleasurable. Eventually, he’ll open up, and you’ll be able to fully penetrate him with a strap-on dildo. 

Butt Plugs for Training

Butt plugs are among the most useful sex toys for anal stimulation and training. It’s recommended that you try them before pegging. Overall, they can relax the tight sphincter muscle and get it accustomed to bigger toys. With a training kit, you can try various sizes to test your man’s limits. Most men would choose plugs that look manly, but no one is stopping you from using cute and feminine princess plugs like what you see on That will allow you to estimate how much he’ll be able to take before buying a strap-on dildo. It’s also possible to find inflatable plugs that can grow once inserted. Just about any butt plug type will make for a fantastic transition to pegging! 


Now that you know how to discuss pegging with your guy and how to train him properly, take a look at some toys and start your anal adventures!