How to Introduce Anal Sex to Your Man

The prostate is located behind the penis, at the level of the navel, a few centimeters from the anus. You will reach it even if you have small fingers, if only by pushing a little on the entry which is sufficiently elastic. Already, if you’re heterosexual, anal pleasure will not make you a homosexual – wanting to experiment with that side reveals anything of the underlying tensions (if that worries you that much). Prostate massage also helps to avoid the risk of cancer, and no, it does not hurt when you avoid doing it wrong. It is also a practice that allows you to connect very intimately to the one who has you on the fingertips.

Relaxation side

If you are starting out, try to make sure that the donor (or donor) keeps eye contact with you. Stand on your back, buttocks raised on a pillow: this angle will give better access to the area. If you do not need eye contact, a kneeling position, or standing leaning on a bed, also works very well. Since it is useless to say “relax” to someone who is stressing (on pain of sticking a donut to you), try the following breathing exercise: inhale in two steps, blow four times. Continue for thirty seconds. The exhalation automatically relaxes the muscles – gold when you are stressed, you stretch in the pants. There are a number of questions that you need to ask regarding these matters, such as Is prostate massage gay?

Lubricant side

Saliva is not a lubricant and water-based gels dry too quickly. Prefer the silicone, and put it back all the time: lubricate the anus is not enough, it is also necessary to lubricate inside. Choose a texture as thick as possible. The only problem is that silicone is not compatible with sex toys. If you are going to use toys instead of fingers, you can opt for an oil-based gel – but not if you use a condom or gloves.

On the donor or donor side

Cut your nails and pass the surface on your lips, which have the same sensitivity as an anus. If there is any roughness, file. Otherwise, use gloves.

What happens in porn is magical, just as TV shows about cooking are magical. The onions do not cook in three seconds, with the dishes being cleaned automatically. If you have concerns, just avoid these games when you wake up, buy dark or waterproof sheets, and especially: accidents are rare.

You will greatly facilitate the task if the recipient is excited (as for women in a setting of vaginal penetration): combine intromission with a fellatio, a massage of the testicles, words, caresses, anything that works. The sensations will be very different if the man is already excited, and you will never want to take your partner by surprise. Does it kill passion? Not if you make it an erotic game. Suggestion: Have the recipient ask to be penetrated, massaging the area in circles until he begs you to proceed to the next step.

Two possibilities:

Go with your finger back and forth, gently, a little deeper each time, to teach the body that this “invasion” is not one.Technique that I find more effective: slide your finger, slightly curved, along the entire length of the inter gluteal groove, long like a sexual game. At one point the fingertip will “hang” the hole. When it’s done, press a few seconds down, then up, then down, in waves of five seconds advancing one millimeter each time. Do not try to move forward at all costs. If it stuck, wait or try again: focusing on a goal to achieve makes the practice more complicated and you do not want to stick the pressure to anyone.If you need to add a second finger, press the first finger down, and add the next one above.


If you find that you are going slowly slow down again. You might have some surprises. On the other hand, if you go slowly, you leave the receiver the opportunity to move to print his own pace: you give him control.

Find the prostate.

The gland grows with age (and with excitement): it can be hard to find on someone 25 years old, but rarely on someone 55 years old. You will know that you are in the right place according to criteria that vary according to the recipients: the pleasure, of course sometimes it is necessary to try several times before experiencing, sometimes it’s great immediately, a desire to urinate if the donor presses too hard), the feeling that we are going to have an orgasm the prostate swells up to orgasm, so it’s a normal sensation), the change in size and texture during the massage, for some a reduction of erection following the relaxation of the muscles it will depend. But frankly, when you feel a ball, you’re there and it does not require a doctorate.

Stimulate the prostate.

Caress without pushing: from top to bottom, from left to right, in small or large circles, by tapping 140 taps per minute, it seems, making the gesture of “come here” with his finger, cumulating or no with movements back and forth. Vary your effects until orgasm approaches. When the receiver begins to lose control, stay absolutely on the same movement and above all, do not stop! Otherwise the person will hate you forever.

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What you can expect as a receiver.

If you are lucky you will experience a multiple orgasm. But most often, an orgasm described as longer, both more intense and more diffuse. You may be able to enjoy without any other form of stimulation: only from the inside like a woman with the G-spot.


I will not dwell on the choice, very personal, between pegging dildo-belt: choose a long and narrow dildo, because the belt makes you lose a few inches and plugs the mark constantly, but you knew already. Choose soft toys in their texture, easy to clean (silicone is top), with absolutely a tip to not “lose” the toy inside. Take a curved model rather than straight (to touch the prostate), possibly with a bulb at the end (for the same reason). If you want to send the catcher into the stars, we whisper that we should use a pressed on a conventional prostate stimulator.

After orgasm

Wait a minute before removing your finger in several beats, by modeling on the expirations of your partner. For the recipient: do not go to the bathroom to get rid of the lubricant. Give your muscles fifteen minutes of rest.

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