5 Most Popular Animal Tail Butt Plugs

As a submissive woman, the idea of anal play was always appealing to me, but I was not sure if my butt would play there. If you have similar worries, I can tell you one thing in advance: Anal play is fun and the butt plays with. You just need to know what you’re playing with and although the price is a problem, you should not resort to various animal tail butt plugs or jelly plugs from other manufacturers because they are harmful to your health.

However, I still bought the Dip Butt Plug Set, or anal plug, because I did not know then that the plasticizers of these plugs are harmful to my health. I wanted something cheap in different sizes to try out the game with the plugs. Conveniently, the plugs were not in the end, because they landed quickly in the trash. The plugs had a positive effect; I was able to determine how a plug should be shaped and how the sizes feel. But here’s the secret of the right shape and size, so you do not have to resort to the Butt Plug Set.

Anal plugs are equally popular with both men and women who are open to anal play. It is a specific form of dildo that is inserted into the anus. This can be worn there over a longer period. Butt plugs, as anal plugs are also called, can take over several functions. On the one hand, the use of a good preparation for the anal intercourse, certain versions serve the men as prostate massage, other models not only offer erotic stimuli, but are also a stylish gem for the Popo. As you can see, you can put an anal plug into your lovemaking in a variety of ways.

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The difference between anal plug and dildo

Anal plugs are almost always conical, that is, they resemble a cone shape. The base is designed so that the anal plug cannot accidentally completely slip into the anus. This base is also the handle at the same time to remove the butt plug again. Then follows a narrow part: This is firmly enclosed after insertion of the sphincter and held the plug so in its position. This is followed by a thicker part that stretches the anal area and exerts a special appeal. Towards the front, the plug tapers and is rounded at the end, making it particularly easy to insert. A butt plug sits like a plug in the exit.

The correct application of the anal plug

The real purpose of an anal plug is to serve as an aid to anal stretching. So you can prepare your back door or your partner perfectly for painless anal intercourse. This also explains why butt plugs are often used during foreplay – by both heterosexual and homosexual couples. If the anal plug stays in the anus for a few minutes, the rectal muscles relax and your penis can penetrate more easily afterwards. Of course, the plug is at the same time a sex toy, which significantly increases the stimulation and the feeling of pleasure. Alternatively, an anal plug can also be used during vaginal intercourse. If the woman wears it, additional pressure is applied and the vaginal gait is narrowed. The attraction to the penis is thus increased. As a man, you can also use a butt plug during sex. This then serves the additional prostate stimulation depending on the plug model. So there are many game variants in which an anal plug can be used. Let your imagination run wild!

The first attempts with the Popo plug

If you want to use an anal plug for the first time, take some time to make friends with the new toy. Use a matching lubricant for both your anus and the plug. There are several positions where the plug is relatively easy to insert. Just try out which position is most comfortable for you. Either you lay on your back and pull your legs, so you can easily get to your exit and can gently push the plug in the right place. Alternatively, you can kneel down (doggy style) and use the plug. Many also like to literally slide on the plug. For this you can place the anal plug on the floor or on a chair and sit on it slowly. Do you feel a resistance, and then try to consciously relax. It is quite normal that the sphincter first tries to seal up. The more concentrated you relax the muscles, the better the plug will work. After only a few tries, it goes without saying.

Model variety with special charms

Anal plugs come in many different variants. So you can choose exactly the plug that best suits your desire. The plugs initially vary in size, length and thickness from small and discreet to large and extremely effective. Plugs whose surface is completely smooth are just as available as variations with a textured surface. Plugs with vibration provide an additional stimulus. For lovers of animal games (pet player), there are also anal plugs that look like an animal tail. Most anal plugs are made of skin-friendly silicone; they are as flexible as durable and easy to clean. If you prefer it shiny and cool, then choose a stainless steel or glass plug. These not only fulfill their purpose, but also look very stylish and appealing. If you buy an anal plug, you should immediately order a suitable lubricant, because you will need it. Many users also enjoy wearing a small stainless steel plug with decorative gemstone over a long period under the laundry while working, shopping or playing sports.

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Is the application of an anal plug painful or dangerous?

Basically nothing speaks against the use of an anal plug to increase the desire and to live out erotic fantasies. However, a lot of empathy is needed because the anus does not stretch as easily as the vagina. An anal plug must therefore be used with caution and feeling. Especially for beginners, it is unusual to push something in the anus. This requires a bit of practice until it just slides by itself. However, gently introducing it will help to avoid pain or even injury. A special lubricant is always advisable!

The right hygiene

As with all sex toys, it’s important to thoroughly clean your anal plug after each use. Take note of the recommendations that you will find on the packaging. Basically, after use, rinse each anal plug with warm, running water and clean it with a mild detergent suitable for use with sex toys. If the plug is used by changing partners, then you should definitely use anal condoms, as you minimize the risk of infection for a variety of diseases accordingly.