Most Popular Animal Tail Butt Plugs that You Can Buy

Animal tail plugs are among the kinkiest and naughtiest anal toys out there! They are essential for any form of pet play. 

Overall, tail plugs can allow you to turn into a submissive four-legged beast in need of discipline. And if you’re an aspiring rider or trainer, you can also use various tail plugs to gain maximum obedience from your pet. What’s more, you can even use one outside of pet play scenarios. You can simply try them during anal for an additional dose of endlessly naughty fun! 

Keep reading to find out about the most popular animal tail butt plugs that you can buy! 

Animal Tail Plug for Pet Play

Pet play is one of the hottest types of roleplaying that you can try if you are looking for something kinky and exciting. It’s worth noting that pet play can be practiced in various intensities and through a variety of kinky activities. These can range from gentle roleplaying scenarios to extreme BDSM fetishes.

Generally, there are many different types of tail plugs, and they resemble the fluffy tails of various animals. In most cases, the tails are made of faux or real fur. They are usually attached to a silicone butt plug with a standard flared base. However, if you are looking for a little something extra, then there are variants that are attached to a metal and steel materials similar to what you can find at most cases, they use hypoallergenic and body-safe materials.


All in all, these types of plugs are excellent for gentle or rough sex, anal training, temperature play, and more. For more extreme BDSM anal tail plug activities, you can use the toys during rough bondage, anal domination, pet training, etc. These plugs are also incredibly useful for all kinds of cosplay kinks like kawaii or teen animal tail plug fetishes.

Fox Tail Butt Plug

Firstly, the fox tail plug is perhaps the most common variant of this toy. It features a furry tail with a length of around 10 to 15 inches. There are many variants of this plug. They can resemble the tails from various foxes. For instance, the most common fox tail plugs can have a natural red color. They can even include realistic shades and fur-like patterns. 

Additionally, you can find them in countless color schemes. Some of the most popular ones are red, light brown, black, and even white. However, you can also find tails in non-realistic colors, such as neon pink, yellow, blue, purple, rainbow, etc. Those types of colors are perfect for cosplay or anime fetishes. 

What’s more, some tails can be over 40 inches long! However, one thing to note with fox tails is that they contain a lot of fur. Users will need to thoroughly clean and maintain them to preserve their puffy look. 

Wolf Tail Butt Plug

The second most popular type is the wolf tail plug. This toy is similar to the previous in terms of fluffiness and fur thickness. The most common colors are black or gray. These tails usually include white or black stripes. 

Generally, compared to the gentle spirit of a fox, wolves are a bit more savage and aggressive. This tail is fantastic for those who wish to explore their animalistic nature. It’s ideal for hunter/prey games, domination, bondage, role reversal, etc. Another fantastic feature of wolf and fox tails is that you can use the fur to tease. The soft tips can brush up against the skin or erogenous zones. That is simply perfect for foreplay and light tickling! 

Cat Tail Butt Plug 

And if you wish to train your pussycat or unleash your inner submissive kitten, it may be best to look into a cat tail plug. You can pair one up with a kinky cat mask, naughty lingerie, a collar/leash, paw gloves, milk bowl, and other sex toys. You can even use one with a full latex or leather catsuit. 

And with kitten play, you can fulfill all types of submissive and dominant fantasies. In any case, a cat tail plug is an indispensable accessory.

What’s more, the fur used on these types of tails is usually a bit thinner. They are offered in all sorts of natural as well as non-realistic colors. 

Horse/Pony Tail Butt Plug 

Ponyplay fetishes are incredibly popular in BDSM. A pony tail butt plug is essential for those kinks. You can use it with leather or furry costumes, saddles, horse masks, hooves, and other accessories. 

However, this type of roleplaying is not for everyone, and it can be incredibly complicated. But even if you’re not a fan of those fetishes, you can use one during naughty anal fun.  

Namely, these tails are made of thin horsehair or synthetic hair. This type of hair is light and sleek, so you can use it for gentle whipping or pulling. Most utilize classic colors like black, gray, or blond. However, you can also find special variants like unicorn tail plugs. 

Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Lastly, rabbit tail plugs are perhaps the cutest since they are small, round, and incredibly soft. Usually, these tails are white, pink, or gray. They can stick out like a tiny fluffy ball once inserted! 

All in all, the primary feature of this type of plug is that it is not as long as other variants. However, you can squeeze it or gently caress it during anal penetration. It’s all-around a fantastic choice for any BDSM party, convention, or costume event! However, you shouldn’t assume that a rabbit tail plug is only meant for gentle activities. Rabbits can be ferocious critters who also require discipline and strict training!


So which type did you like the best, and how would you use it? Take a look at some tail plugs for yourself or your new pet today and good luck! 

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