Why Men Prefer Women Who Are Loud in Bed

It’s not rocket science knowing that most guys like women who don’t care if they are loud while having sex. Sure, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but we’d say those who don’t like it are just exceptions that prove the rule. It’s pretty understandable since complete silence doesn’t feel all that hot and exciting during sexy times.

Nevertheless, there must be something more to this. We’re pretty sure there’s some scientific reason behind this behavior. Yes, it’s a bit more complicated than just enjoying porn-like screams of passion and lust. So let’s find out the real reason, shall we?

Being a Silent Lover Means Being Bad in Bed

Let’s face it — no one likes fucking someone who makes no noise. Moreover, no normal person loves fucking a lifeless body (dare we say a corpse). Being silent is just a major turn off for most people when they’re intimate and physical with their partner. It’s not just a guy thing — lesbians would agree too.

There’s just something wrong if you don’t make a single noise while having sex. You’re either completely cold/frigid, or there’s something off about your nervous system. If it’s the latter, you should visit a sex therapist or a gynecologist. Seriously, check your health because there might be something wrong with you.

On the other hand, there’s a mutual understanding between men that quiet girls are worse lovers. Yup, it’s a stereotype, but at the end of the day — sex noises and dirty talk make for a better experience. If sound didn’t matter, we wouldn’t hear porn stars yell at the top of their lungs in every other scene. Sure, it’s porn, but it’s what makes viewers blow their loads.

A Man and His Ego

When it comes to sex, most guys are insecure and turn into nervous teens. The best way to see this is if you don’t act impressed while he’s inside you. From the size of their shlong to how long they can last, they worry about it more often than you’d think. So if you’re looking to put them in their place, you better lay there motionless and don’t make a sound.

However, if you care about their feelings, you should act up. You know, being quiet while having sex will hurt their ego, and they’ll end up thinking they’re not good enough. No matter how big they are or how long they can fuck, they want to know they’re good in your eyes. They crave affirmation from their partners.

Of course, you shouldn’t fake it all the time, but there’s no need to make him feel bad about himself if you care about him. You know, one thing leads to another, so if you fulfill their desires and make some noise, they might do something in return. It’s a powerful tool when you know how to control a man and his carnal needs.

Moaning and Dirty Talk

In most cases, men love women who know how to talk dirty. There’s nothing better than if their partner talks about how they’re big, what they want from them, and so on. The thing is, they like girls who can transform into nymphos in a matter of seconds. While you’re talking where you’d like him to spill his load, throw in a couple of moans.

So do guys like it when you moan? Yeah, that’s right — making indistinct sounds is what turns them on even more. They think that they’re rocking your world, and you’re in some sort of trans. However, everything has a limit, and the same goes for moaning and dirty talking. Some people don’t know how to find that sweet spot between being sexy and unlikable.

Sometimes, you can say something during your naughty frenzy and break the moment completely. From mentioning something disgusting to mixing your partner’s name with your high school crush, dirty talking can be a slippery slope. Therefore, you need to control the situation and maybe even practice while alone. Try it out while masturbating — you might find it fun no matter if he’s not around.

Read this story from Medium.com about dirty talking and you might get some pointers.

Men Love Being Told What to Do

Most of the time, men enjoy being your sex dolls. They enjoy your telling them they’re naughty, bad boys and what you want next from them. It’s a subconscious thing to crave being your sub when it comes to sex. Hence, if you want to make the most of your relationship, try playing around with being dominant while having sex.

This is great if you’re looking to get something particular from them. Telling them to do something they usually don’t even try while in the heat of the moment can shift the tide in the right direction. Since most of them want to behave like you’re the boss, use it to make the most of your sex life. Take advantage of it.

Fake It Until You Make It?

It’s no secret that you have to fake your pleasure sometimes. No matter how great at sex your man is, he can also have a bad day. As they say, it happens even to the best of studs. If you see that it’s not going his way — don’t avoid faking a bit.

Nevertheless, don’t make this the rule. Living your private life without actual satisfaction isn’t something we’d recommend. If you lower your standards so much, you might find it hard to escape mediocre sex in the future. In other words, you’ll lose your compass and won’t know good from bad anymore. See how mediocre sex can be wonderful. 

If these situations start repeating frequently, maybe it’s time you talk. The pillars of every healthy relationship are communication and sharing. If you have any problem — not just sexual — bring it up while alone with your partner. It’s no shame if the two of you need to change something about your sex life. Trying something new is always better than settling for average sex.