Guys Love It When You Wear These Pieces of Clothing in Bed

Realistically we all know that, for guys, it doesn’t matter what girls wear when going to bed. But for the ladies, it can be really stressful finding precisely what to put on when preparing for some action. That is especially true if it’s something like an anniversary or even someone’s first time. Worry not, and read on to find what you can wear to be comfortable and sexy.

Knee High Socks or Stockings

This is just a classic. I mean, who doesn’t like stockings? They simply go with anything, whether it be your bed attire or your outfit when going out. We have never heard a guy complain about them. For most men, this is the sexiest thing women can wear. They are simple yet sensual while also being easy to take off if the mood calls for it if you know what we mean.

It’s just so seductive that a girl is almost naked but isn’t. Sometimes not being completely nude is better. Also, the part where stockings end and skin is showing, where thighs are thick and juicy — that’s just the best.

Revealing Skirts

Well, what to say here? While it’s a skirt, which is just hot on its own, it’s also a short, revealing one. Who doesn’t like a bit of buttock showing underneath? The answer is nobody, yes. And that is especially true when it comes to having fun in the sack.

It’s the same as with stockings — being almost naked is hotter than being completely naked, and revealing skirts are just up for that role.

Button-Down Shirt

Yet another go-to classic. It’s the most effortless way to dress while still being sexy. There is nothing wrong with wearing a simple shirt to bed unless this is the shirt he planned to wear to work.

While shirts are comfy to sleep in, they are effortless to take off if you and your partner planned for something steamy to happen during the night. Shirts are also something that we see women wear in movies a lot. And why not? It’s the easiest thing to put on after sex when you want to go grab a quick snack.

Satin Nighties

Nothing says hot and sexy like silk and satin. It’s a timeless classic with which women have been alluring men for ages now. So, of course, it’s what guys men on.

The hotter your night outfit is, the less time you will end up actually wearing it. We can tell you right now that you would go crazy if your girlfriend wore one of those. Many men will agree that there’s nothing sexier than a gentle fabric covering a woman’s naked body. You have a little time to fantasize about what’s underneath because satin is very easy to slide right off.

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Your Oversized Shirts

Not everything girls wear in bed has to be sexy lingerie. For sex to be successful, both of us have to be comfortable, right? Some men find that not much beats a girl wearing comfy clothes, sexiness-wise. They just go crazy for it!

Who can blame them? Wearing oversized shirts means that your girl is probably not wearing a bra, which is one of many sexy things for you to think about and explore. Like satin nighties, your oversized shirt is not that tricky to remove, and it will go off your lady smoothly. See for yourself.


Sometimes you might want to be like “eh” and pop on a hoodie and be done with it. Because, why not? It’s not like the guy is gonna mind it. If you are reading this article, then you already plan on taking whatever you are wearing off. So why make yourself additional trouble and dress in something uncomfortable and hard to take off when hoodies exist?

You don’t have to worry about whether the guy is going to find you sexy. Come one — we all know how crazy men’s libido is.

Your School Uniform

While they certainly didn’t start out as sexy, they quickly became the ultimate fantasy outfit for men. We never really thought about it, but we assume it has something to do with how girls look pure and innocent yet mysteriously attractive in these uniforms.

It’s not just students’ uniforms that men find sexy — it’s hot teachers in short skirts too. Well, we all had that one quite attractive teacher that dressed provocatively. She was just slutty enough to stimulate our imagination but not too slutty to get fired. How sexy was that? The mere thought that was can be arousing.


Sure, your goal is to make your man happy, but you should still consider whether the outfit is comfortable for you, in the sense that you like to wear it and don’t feel insecure about it. And be sure that whatever you chose to wear, your man will love it!