What Is Cosplay Sex, and Why Is It Becoming Famous Now?

Cosplay has been around for a long time. Practically everyone knows about it. Even if you don’t partake in it, you’ve definitely seen others that do. You’ve probably wondered if they have sex in those outfits too.

Well, as it turns out, a lot of them do. It’s even got a name — cosplay sex (creative, no?).

Let’s start with the basics.

Cosplay Sex Defined

Cosplay sex is the act of dressing up in a costume and having sex in it. The costume, more often than not, is from a popular piece of fiction. That includes basically any character under the sun, from Batman to Captain Ahab. One particularly popular niche in cosplay sex is from hentai, i.e., Japanese drawn or animated pornography, so feel free to draw inspiration from that too.

For many, the above would be little more than a dress-up to spice up the bedroom experience. However, cosplay sex goes a little deeper, if you will. You see, cosplay sex means that the one(s) dressed up can’t just look like a character — they need to be the character. This means taking on their affectations, motivations, and everything else that makes them special.

For obvious reasons, this opens up a whole bunch of sexy situations. For example, you don’t just dress up like James Bond. You have to embody the suave yet deadly secret agent. Being Kratos means channeling all that boundless fury. For cosplay sex enthusiasts, it’s not just looking the part — it’s playing the part.

Is This a Kink?

Technically, cosplay sex is a kink. It’s something that isn’t inherently sexual but turns people on nonetheless. However, for most cosplay sex lovers, it goes way beyond a simple kink. It’s more of a lifestyle.

Being a cosplayer means that, at least for a while, you take on the lives and characteristics of incredible personalities. One day, you can be a daring warrior princess and do a shy school girl anime cosplay the next. It’s a great way to express parts of yourself that you’d otherwise feel embarrassed to put out there. That’s more than kinks tend to offer you.

The Extra Free Time Made Us Do It

People take up cosplay sex for a variety of reasons. However, a whole lot of people have given it a try recently out of sheer boredom.

The recent lockdowns have got people feeling more than a little crazy. For many of them, there’s been more than enough sex, to the point where doing it the normal way got stale. Since so many of us are spending time binge-watching movies/TV shows, spicier sex and fictional characters became two ideas in unavoidable collision.

Inspired by the media they’ve consumed, tons of people have given costumes a try to add some color to their sex life. From there, it is natural to come up with scenarios that make sense for the participating characters, staying in character all the while.

What was originally a means of staving off a humdrum routine has become an unexpected passion for many. They have found themselves enjoying sex as Harley Quinn. Now, they finally get a chance to do it with a Time Lord or with Harry Potter. To them, it’s almost like being in an open relationship with the most amazing people you can think of.

Things to Know Before Trying It Out

If the cosplay kink sounds intriguing to you, here are a few tips for your first time.

Do Online Research

The first thing you should do is agree on the character(s) you’ll be playing. If there’s more than one, you should explore how their dynamic would work.

The best idea would be to research both your characters online. You can even find someone talking about cosplaying as your character of choice. Maybe they have some great tips on the costume, acting, and more.

Don’t Be too Nitpicky About the Costumes

Chances are your outfit won’t look perfect. That’s perfectly fine. This isn’t about looking 100% the part. Rather, you should project the personality of the character.

Agree on a Safe Word

Depending on who you’re role-playing as, sex can get a little intense, if not downright aggressive. To avoid any miscommunication, agree on a safeword that immediately stops the action.

Set the Scene

The setting is basically the foreplay of cosplay sex. Think of a situation that puts you in the sheets with this character and act it out.

Don’t Break Character

While the sex is going on, you are your character. Breaking that illusion spoils the experience, so do whatever you need to keep up the act.

Will Cosplay Improve My Sex Life?

Cosplay sex sounds pretty cool, but it also looks like a lot of work. Is all the effort worth it? Won’t you just look silly going to pound town looking like Popeye?

Well, the best way to find out the answer to these questions is to simply give cosplay sex a try. If you hate it, that’s good  — now you know not to waste time on it. However, if you love it, it’ll open up so many juicy options.

The best way to guess if you’ll like it is by knowing how imaginative you are. If you can go with the flow and suspend your disbelief, chances are you’ll have a blast. If not, maybe you should just stick to sexy lingerie — that’s great too.