Style Advice When Girls Wanna Get Laid

Have you ever thought about picking up a guy but were unsure of your outfit? Let us teach you the ways of fashion that will allow you to have amazing sex. 

So, what to wear to get laid, you ask? We suggest reading this article because we will break it all down. Really, finding the perfect outfit is easier than you think.

When You Go Clubbing

Going clubbing is definitely one of the activities that will help you get laid. Whether you’re looking for someone or not, men are bound to pay attention to you. So, might as well go with the flow and get some, right? Well, you need an appropriate outfit for it.

Sexy outfits for clubbing should revolve around clothing that will make you feel both comfortable and sexy. Don’t think about it too much. It’s not necessary to put yourself into clothing that’s too tight. Why? Think about how difficult it is to take off a pair of skinny jeans. That’s enough time for any man’s boner to drop and for him to start yawning.

You might also think your dress with plenty of zippers is cool, but it’s also a pain to take off. Our point is that you should stick to clothing that’s easy to take off when the time comes. Still, your outfit should be attractive. So, what’s the verdict? We’d suggest going for a simple dress or a skirt with a shirt or a blouse. 

Don’t question what men might find sexy because you’ll definitely get laid if you go clubbing. If your outfit doesn’t do a good job of attracting guys, their being intoxicated will do the trick.

For a Netflix and Chill Invitation

Netflix and chill is definitely one of our favorite ways to get laid. It’s relaxing, comfortable, and it feels like you don’t have to do much to impress the guy. If he thinks you’re sexy with your hair up and in sweats, your job is pretty much all done. Still, there are things you can do to make his mind wander. 

The most important thing is to not complicate it. Your clothes are going to be off not long into the movie or a show anyway. So, why would you bother dressing up in any kind of way? Just ensure you’re wearing something comfortable. 

Leggings and a simple t-shirt will be more than enough. You can also opt for some form of flattering sweatpants. You know, the type that will accentuate your figure, and especially your booty. Men simply go crazy for that. 

If you feel like you need socks, the same rules apply — the simple, the better. Now you’re all set for an unforgettable session of Netflix and chill. We won’t ask about the show you’ve had on because we bet you won’t even pay attention to it.

Workout Hookup

Now it’s time to come up with a sexy outfit for the gym. You don’t have to be an absolute gym freak to find someone fit to have sex with. All you need to do is decide it’s time to do it!

Whether you visit such places or not, they have some form of dress code. Nobody will kick you out for dressing ‘inappropriately,’ but having proper gym clothes is your best bet. They will accentuate your body in the best way possible. What does that mean? These clothes are simple, hug the body nicely, and go off easily most of the time. The last one is probably the most important thing. 

However, there are still mistakes you can make when it comes to picking your perfect sexy gym outfit. This type of clothing can often look quite complicated. Tops can have a lot of unnecessary straps, for example. The last thing you need is struggling to take your clothes off when you’re trying to get laid, wouldn’t you say? So, the easier you can get out of your clothes, the better.

General Guidelines

There are a couple of things you can take away from the advice we’ve given you so far. It seems that there’s a template you can use when planning a ‘getting laid’ outfit. It’s so much simpler than you’ve probably thought. 

Simplicity really is the key here. So, what is this template we’re talking about? You must ensure that your outfit is both sexy and easy to remove at the same time. Don’t bother with complicated dresses, fancy shirts with multiple straps, etc. All you need to gravitate towards is the fact that you need a simple outfit.

Why are we so adamant about things being simple? When you’re trying to have fun, things need to happen pretty fast. You go in and out, figuratively and literally. So, it’s quite possible for you to over-style. If you love your accessories, this is where you need to forget about them. No, you don’t need that long necklace that will probably get all tangled up anyways. 

When it comes to lingerie, guess what? Think simple again! Lingerie can be sexy without it looking all complicated. What we can suggest when it comes to sexy undies is lace. Lace all around! That’s only if you’re looking to add some spice into the mix. This usually isn’t necessary because it’s not likely that you’ll be seeing this person again. So, why try so hard to make an impression, right? 

To ensure we understand each other well, let us repeat once again — make it simple and comfortable, and don’t overthink it. You never know what someone might find attractive.


The answer to what women wear if they want to have sex is pretty straightforward— whatever they want! It’s all about what makes you most comfortable and sexy at the end of the day. Why? Because when you feel good in your skin, you’ll radiate the same energy and attract people naturally.

So, the best piece of advice is — don’t worry too much about it.