Ways to Boost Men’s Sex Appeal

Many men believe that they don’t have it in them. However, this is simply not true. It’s easy to increase sex appeal — you just have to know how. For starters, you need to be yourself and always stand your ground. A real seducer is confident. He is gentle and romantic, but at the same time, he is also a passionate and determined bad boy. Follow these simple steps and become attractive to women in no time.

Grow a Beard

Research has shown that men with beards are far more attractive to the opposite sex than without them. Men with beards are striking, irresistible, more masculine, and sexier than those whose face is as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The reason behind this may lie in the fact that, for centuries, a beard has been associated with wisdom, power, and maturity. And women love tough guys! A three-day beard will be a perfect start! Later on, you can stylize it and let it grow longer. You’ll turn into a chick magnet without even having to try too hard.

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Bad Boy Look

We can’t help it — we’re still primal creatures, and bad boys appeal to the primal. Bad guys are attractive because of their explosive and adventurous spirit. Even though they often deny it, most women would go crazy for a bad guy. It’s not just about their style and rebellious hair type — they act freely and independently. They are brave and protective, and they leave the impression that they can solve any problem.

Bad guys do not avoid danger, do not hesitate, are not afraid to approach girls, or give them an adventure. This guy does not live according to other people’s expectations and imposed rules. You shouldn’t be arrogant and unscrupulous if you want to win a woman, but you definitely have to have an attitude.

Lift Weights

Let’s not lie — everyone loves to see a fit body and touch it. To women, as well as to men, physical appearance, beauty, and attractiveness are important.

Who a girl considers a handsome man is a matter of taste, but certainly, a handsome man is characterized by a masculine and sculpted body. Taking care of your body and appearance means you are healthy, patient, and persistent. By working out, you will drastically increase your self-confidence and endurance in bed. Your orgasms will be longer and your libido better. Basically, working on your body is always a great idea.

Sweat It Out

Cardio training will contribute to both your look and quality of life. If you haven’t exercised for a long time and you don’t have the strength for other types of exercises, you can always start slowly with cardio. You will improve your bone strength and maintain muscle mass. You’ll also reduce your stress levels. So not only will you look more attractive — your cardiovascular health will improve, which is also great for your sex life. Do exercises that will help you with strength and stability and boost your self-confidence as well.

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Be Funny

It’s no news that women like guys who can make them laugh. When it comes to sexually exciting women and keeping the conversation interesting, a sense of humor is a must. Studies show that a great sense of humor is sexually appealing because it’s an indicator of intelligence, creativity, and other qualities.

This elusive sense is a skill, so don’t worry about whether you’re a natural or not. It works like a charm when approaching women. If you know how to lift her spirits when she is not feeling well, you’re in for the prize! Still, if you’re not that confident and would like to brush up your funny side, do the following — watch more comedy shows and look for humor in everyday situations. Always keep a couple of funny yet tasteful remarks at ready. And finally, don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

Get a Dog

Believe it or not, dogs can play a big role in connecting two people. It’s not just a stereotype — women truly like men who have a dog. Research shows that dogs facilitate social interaction between people and that owning a dog can increase the long-term attractiveness of men.

When a man has a dog, women perceive him as a devoted person who is capable of caring for others. A dog parent is a man who knows how to love. This is the type of guy that girls like to go out with and spend time with. They are sexy. After all, who wants to be with a guy who doesn’t show any emotions?