Love Balls: What Should You Look for When Buying

Love balls are originally from Japan and are known by the term ” Rin-no-tama ”. Characteristic of the Sex Toy are interconnected hollow balls, which have a return thread. Inside the bullets is a smaller, heavier bullet that vibrates when moved?

The balls of lust are inserted into the vagina and placed so that they are not distracting. Although the vibrations do not produce a climax, they can increase sexual desire.

In addition to the use in the bedroom, love balls after birth can be part of the retraining gymnastics. The pelvic floor training can also help with incontinence to remedy or prophylaxis.

Sexuality and eroticism are generally considered to be the most beautiful trivial thing in the world. Long gone are the days when the intercourse took place only to secure the offspring. The pleasure and pleasure that sexuality brings with it are moving further and further out of the “dirty corner” into the center of society. Bestsellers and blockbusters such as “Fifty Shades of Gray” also ensure that sex toys and erotic fantasies become a topic of conversation and are not confined to one’s own four walls.

According to statistics on German erotic experience, 34 percent use massage oil, 25 percent prefer lube and 20 percent have first experiences with vibrators. Eight percent prefer erotic aids in terms of erotic aids.

The relatively inconspicuous Love balls not only provide for erotic vibrations, but train targeting the vaginal muscles. In the following comparison experts not only tell you what the balls of lust are capable of, but also offer you a comprehensive purchase advice on what lubricant to use with anal beads, so that you can easily make out the right toy.

Erotic vibrations: What are love balls?

Love balls are roundish or conical balls, which usually have a silicone surface. Depending on the model, two or more balls of luck may be linked together by a connector. Inside is a metal core that vibrates when it moves. These rotating vibrations spread in the abdomen and are usually perceived as pleasant.

In order for the balls to be effective for love, you must – like a tampon – be inserted into the vagina in such a way that they are at best no longer unpleasant to feel. In order to remove the toy, there should be a return tape on all products in Love Balls tests. You can simply pull on it and the pelvic floor balls slowly slip out.

The erotic vibrations are not the only reason why you should buy love balls. So that the balls of desire stay in place even while running, cycling or other activities, the vaginal muscles naturally stretch around the balls and hold on to the weight.

This ensures a proper workout for the pelvic floor and tightens the pelvic muscle (PC muscle) with regular use. This gives you more control over the contraction of your vaginal muscles, which can close more tightly around the penis when penetrated. So your partner experiences the sex more intense and both can intensify their orgasm.

Love balls also help with regular use:

  • Strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor
  • Build weak connective tissue
  • Prophylaxis for age-related bladder weakness
  • Support the regression of the muscles after childbirth or surgery

Which love ball types are there?

In terms of shape, the Love balls hardly differ. Although the balls should be circular in name, their shape is usually rather roundish to conical. This texture not only facilitates insertion, but also allows a comfortable fit without noticeable edges or corners. Apart from that, there are two different types of love balls: love balls with and without vibration.

Purchase criteria for lust balls: You have to pay attention: Insert love balls correctly

Properly worn, love balls can not only heat the mood in the bedroom, they also make a medical and health-promoting contribution. By training against pelvic floor weakness with love balls long-term bladder weakness can be prevented and especially after a birth, the small love beads ensure a rapid regression of the tissue.

When you try the balls of luck for the first time, you should take your time and slowly get used to the feeling. Since choosing the right size and weight may vary from woman to woman, and there is no ideal fit size, we recommend a love balls comparison winner for beginners, covering several weight classes. So you can slowly rantasten and increase the weight as needed.

To make it easier to insert the love balls, you should always use a lubricant . Use a water-based gel as this type of lube gives you a longer feeling of hydration. To remove the lust balls simply pull on the retrieval thread, so this should also be easily accessible on the outer ball.

Comfort and duration

Of course, you should feel comfortable wearing the balls, so comfort is an important criterion in every love balls test. In addition to all erotic benefits, the use of love balls is also a kind of sport for your vaginal muscles. Exaggerate it while wearing the Love balls, you can get sore muscles. To avoid this, insert the balls regularly. Our tip: Twice a day for a period of 15 minutes is enough to train the PC muscle. But stay tuned! Only the daily training sustainably improves your pelvic floor muscles.

Storage: Where to go with the pleasure balls?

A storage bag protects your smart balls. In contrast to other sex toys – like anal beads or an anal dildo – pelvic floor balls or love balls are relatively small and should be kept clean and protected. Therefore, some manufacturers offer as accessories directly to a storage bag in which you can stow your smart balls or love balls. So the silicone surface is not scratched, which under certain circumstances could negatively affect the wearing feeling.

Tips for care and cleaning

Clean your love balls after each use with a mild cleaner or a Toy Cleaner. The topic of hygiene is particularly important in the genital area and sex toys not negligible. Since the balls are inserted directly into the vagina, you must always be clean and free of germs. To ensure this, you should pay attention to the processing when unpacking your love balls. It does not matter if your love balls were cheap or expensive, if you notice any mistakes in the workmanship or there are spots that are uneven, you should exchange the copy. If the silicone coating has gaps, bacteria can infiltrate the toy and cause infection in the long run.

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