Love Balls: What Should You Look for When Buying

If you are looking to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, Kegel balls might help you do that. Finding a perfect sex toy can be challenging, and there are a couple of things you’ll need to know before you buy one. 

Single Balls or Kegel Balls

There are two main types of Kegel balls you can get. The first type is a single ball, and it is perfect for inexperienced people. As you might have guessed, single love balls are a lot easier to use, and you won’t have trouble putting them in and out. 

Moreover, these single balls are also the lightest. This makes them perfect even if you are a beginner, and they are suited for smaller internal sizes. 

While you can jump straight to regular Kegel balls, it might not be your best option. Similarly to other sex toys, the best idea is to start small and build your way up. The second type of this toy features two or more balls that are either molded together or held by a harness. 

The second version is great for women looking to gradually increase the weight of the toy. Moreover, they are suited for larger internal sizes as they fall in the medium or even heavyweight category. 

The Right Size for Beginners, Mid, and Experienced Users

As with any other type of adult toy, there are no rules. You won’t find a toy that’s suitable for everyone, and each person has their own preferences and tastes. However, there are some general rules that may or may not apply to your case. Even if you don’t recognize yourself in these examples, they might help you choose the model and size that’s perfect for you. 

If you need Ben Wa ball size for beginners, the perfect one is probably the smallest. The idea behind it is to get used to the toy inserted into your vagina. This might be difficult to achieve with something that’s too large. Ben Wa balls for beginners are the ones with a single ball, and they are often around 30 millimeters wide. 

From there on, you can progress to mid-sized ones, which are around 35 millimeters and over. Medium and large sizes are great for experienced users. 

To best understand your internal size, there are a couple of things that may help you. Firstly, if you had a C-section, there is a high chance that you are small or medium size. If you use tampons, the size of the tampon is similar to the size of the toy. If you feel that smaller tampons slip out of position, then you might need medium or large balls. 

Consider Buying a Set

One of the best possible options is to get a full set of Kegel balls. This way, you will almost certainly find the size that fits you the best. This way, you will also have a chance to increase the size and improve the training in time. 

This deal is especially great for beginners since they will have a chance to progress through Kegel exercises and ball weights without getting a new toy. If you are not ready to proceed to the heavier toys, you can stick to the one that feels good. 

Working on stronger pelvic floor muscles will be a lot easier if you approach it correctly, and differently weighted balls are something you should definitely consider. 

Naturally, heavy Kegel balls aren’t something you should take lightly (no pun intended). You should wait until you are ready before you start using them. Remember that if it feels wrong or uncomfortable, you can just go back to the previous size. 

The Materials Used

Your health should always be a priority. This means that you should avoid materials that are not safe for your body as well as those that can cause allergic reactions. Most modern toys are body-safe, but this doesn’t mean that they are safe for everyone. Many people develop latex allergy. For them, a latex toy would be a terrible idea.

The ideal toy should have smooth edges, which would make it easy to clean. The materials that can provide this texture include metal, glass, and medical-grade silicone. Even if you are interested in other types of toys, always check the package to see if they’re FDA-approved, body-safe, or medical-grade. This way, you’ll ensure that you won’t have any health problems after using them. 

Probably the best option for beginners is to get silicone toys since they are a lot gentler than metal and glass ones. 


The sex toy market is growing more and more by the day, and each manufacturer wants to design something beautiful and unique. It’s no surprise that you can find so many different types of love balls. One of the many choices you will have to make is what color ball you want. 

If you are interested only in the functionality of the toy, finding the perfect one won’t be a problem for you. However, if you want to find something that suits your needs, has a beautiful design, and comes in an attractive color, you will need to make some tough choices. 

Kegel balls come in all colors, and you’ll come across many variants, from traditional pink to purple and green toys. Even though the majority of toys are violet, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find other colors as well. This is great news for many since you will easily find one in the shade you want. 


If you are looking for great pelvic floor exercises, love balls might be the perfect choice for that. As is the case with other sex toys, these balls come in all sizes and colors. If you’ve never tried putting a ball into your vagina, you might want to start slow and go for the smallest model. 

Of course, after a while, you might need to increase the size and weight of the toy. This is why getting a full set is always a great option. Finally, besides color, you should also pick a suitable material. Always go for something that’s body-safe, won’t cause allergic reactions, and is easy to clean.

Now that you have an idea on what to look for when buying Kegel Balls, you can check this Healthline article that talks about how to use them.