The Top Lingerie Brands for the Sensual Woman

Do you want to feel good in your skin on a daily basis? Quality lingerie can make that happen. People often wonder why women are so hell-bent on finding only the best brands, and we’re here to answer that question for you.

These best lingerie brands use only high-quality materials. We’re talking about cotton, silk, satin, lace, and even 24K gold for some of their accents. Nothing is too much or too expensive when it comes to looking and feeling the best you possibly can.

So let’s take a dive and find out what makes some of these brands stand out from the rest.

Why Wear Lingerie?

Many people ask the question of why women wear and love lingerie so much. First of all, most of the time, you can’t even see it underneath all of the clothing. That’s only if you get lucky enough. So why are women so adamant about wearing high-quality lingerie? There are several reasons.

Firstly, it makes them feel confident. Whether they’re wearing sexy or comfortable lingerie, it’s designed to make them feel good about themselves. As we all know, feeling good in your own skin can boost your confidence.

Another way in which lingerie strokes women’s egos (5 ways to spot women’s ego) is they’re the only ones who know what’s going on underneath their clothes. That means they can be wearing a cute outfit with a sexy pair of undies. It would make anyone feel good about themselves!

There’s nothing wrong with spicing up your cute outfits, whether others know it or not. In the end, the point is — feeling good is why women love lingerie.

The Best of the Best

When you’re looking for lingerie, we know you always search for the best of the best. It’s only natural, considering these are the pieces of clothing you’ll be wearing against your bare skin. We all want the best for ourselves, especially if you’re the type who has sensitive skin. With all of that said, we bring you the top three lingerie brands that you need to know about.

  1. Agent Provocateur

This is the brand that guarantees you won’t only look sexy, but you’ll also feel confident. They specialize in naughty lingerie — hence the very clever brand name — but they also offer comfortable clothing, accessories, and swimwear. If you’re looking for luxurious cotton and silk lingerie, this is the brand for you.

  1. Savage X Fenty

One of the most popular brands these days is definitely Savage X Fenty. That’s partly thanks to the owner — the singer and songwriter Rihanna. Still, this brand is so much more than just a name. They pride themselves on being a high-quality brand that focuses heavily on being inclusive and catering to all sizes.

  1. Cosabella

This brand comes straight from Italy and has been in business for well over 35 years. They say that their philosophy is all about exceptionality and Italian craftsmanship, and their quality lingerie is there to back up all of these claims. Cosabella exists to make you feel graceful and elegant with their designs.

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Best High-End Lingerie

Finding the best high-end lingerie brands isn’t so difficult. However, there are several things to keep in mind. The fact that a brand sells expensive products doesn’t mean that they’re of high quality as well. You have to be on the look-out for the kind of materials they use and how much attention they’re devoting to craftsmanship. Here are some high-end brands to keep your eye on:

  • Fleur of England — This luxury brand strives to deliver you only the most delicate designs. Each of the pieces is designed by Fleur — the brand owner — herself, who gives them her utmost attention. We’d say that this brand makes spending over $100 for a pair of undies totally worth it. Why? The designs are incredibly dreamy!
  • Coco de Mer — Yet another England-based brand that will bring sexiness out of you. They feature a lot of designers, one of them being the queen of burlesque herself — Dita Von Teese. This brand also offers a selection of naughty toys and all things bondage, making it perfect for kinksters.
  • Bordelle — Another kinkster-friendly brand. Why do we say that? Because their main focus is on crafting high-quality, bondage-friendly lingerie. This is the kind of brand that justifies buying an $800 bondage dress. Why? They use 24K gold for its accents!

Best Budget Lingerie

Sometimes, you might feel like you don’t have the time or the money to look or feel sexy. That can’t be farther from the truth. Even if you’re a busy, working woman, you deserve to feel good in your own skin too. For whom? For yourself, of course! Nobody has to know. Finding sexy, affordable lingerie can sometimes be difficult. It all depends on your personal style. However, we’re here to bring you several best budget lingerie brands that will make shopping for sexy lingerie a breeze. They’re as follows:

  • Yandy — You might already know of this brand. It’s the one that has many sexy costumes that you’ve thought of purchasing for some naughty occasions. However, they specialize in sexy lingerie. You’ll struggle to find anything more expensive than $50, which makes this brand super affordable.
  • Honeydew Intimates — You may not find very intricate designs here, but you don’t always need them either. Simple designs can be quite sexy as well. Not to mention, they will also make you feel comfortable. Their price point is below $50 as well, so what’s there not to love?
  • Adore Me — This brand is the most inclusive out of the three when it comes to sizes. They go up to 4X, with their price point being as high as $75. Here is where you find lingerie perfectly designed to make you feel the sexiest you’ve ever felt, regardless of your budget.

Upcoming Independent Brands

There are many up-and-coming lingerie brands you should watch out for. They’re made by women for women and are real game-changers in the industry. How so? They all have their unique stories of how they came to exist. Some of them were guided by the frustration of not being able to find their perfect lingerie, while others simply wanted everyone to feel sexy and included. Here are some of the best independent lingerie brands:

  • Rosalie Wynne — Do you hate not being able to find a bra that fits you perfectly? So did Rosalie before she created her own brand. This brand specializes in bralettes with sizes that will fit just about anybody. They pride themselves on having designs that incorporate both good support and pretty designs.
  • Lazy Girl Lingerie — This brand brings the sexy without compromising your comfort. In case you’re a big fan of lace, Lazy Girl Lingerie definitely won’t let you down.
  • Nahina — This might be an Etsy brand but don’t let that fool you. This only means that each of the pieces is hand-made. The best thing of all is that this brand accepts custom orders, which means that all of your sexy dreams can come true.


No matter what kind of lingerie you’re looking for, these brands will have something for you. Whether you want to feel sexy for yourself or a significant other, quality lingerie isn’t difficult to find, especially now that you know where to look. Explore these brands, find what suits you best, and never look back.