Size Doesn’t Matter: Why women shouldn’t bother about the size of their bodies

It’s 2022, and we have finally realized that beauty standards should never be set in stone. Though we are learning to accept different sizes and shapes, women’s body size remains an ongoing concern for the fairer sex. 


How many times have you looked in the mirror and seen an unattractive person? Even once is too much. We should talk about boosting women’s confidence and what every single one of us can do to contribute to a more liberating society. 


No one should ever feel uncomfortable in their skin, but if we can’t change the world, we certainly can change our perspective. Your mind and body are beautiful. You should tell yourself that every day, starting today.  

Bodies Are Built Differently

None of us can choose our genetics or our looks. It’s a simple wheel of fortune, practically a lottery, and we have exactly zero influence over it. Some of us are tall, others petite, some have curves, and others are elegantly slim. Different is just different — not better, not worse. 

Never forget that the primary purpose of your body is to keep you protected and alive. Looks should never come before health! When you’re healthy, for sure, you can work on your appearance, and that’s a great habit. Nonetheless, you should never compare yourself to others. Your body is 100% unique and 100% yours. 


You will often see two sisters that look completely different: one is a tall blonde with blue eyes, the other is a green-eyed petite brunette. But what matters is that both of them are equally beautiful!  


Acceptance is its own form of art. And like mastering every other great skill, it takes time. Positive affirmations can help you love and accept yourself more, maybe not the first or the second time, but it’s certainly a promising long-term solution.  

Our Bodies React Differently to Food

Not only from the outside, but our bodies are also different from within as well. Let’s take allergies as an example. Almonds are a healthy snack for some and life-threatening for others. Same ingredients can cause completely different reactions. Dairy can be a great source of calcium for many people and, at the same time, a living hell for those who are lactose intolerant.


Sometimes, it takes years until we find out we’re gluten-intolerant or insulin-resistant. In the meantime, we struggle with our appearances and can’t gain or lose weight even with strict diets and exercising. 


Additionally, most of us don’t have the means to grow our own food, so we have to rely on what we can buy. All of these are valid reasons to rethink our women’s body size policy and realize there are so many factors that affect the way we look.  

Different Habits, Different Sizes

Humans are creatures of habits! Having a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy, and some of us are closer to that ideal than others. For example, years of smoking cigarettes will undoubtedly leave a negative mark on our bodies, and, on the other hand, drinking enough water will improve our skin and metabolism. 


Changes should come naturally, with baby steps. If we inflict pressure on ourselves by demanding to become a fitness guru in a month, we’ll simply hate the entire experience. Therefore, take it easy. Choose simple actions you can commit to! 


Women’s body size is heavily influenced by everyday habits and a certain lifestyle, but unlike previous things we’ve mentioned, we can at least control this one, yet not entirely. Some women have two or more jobs; some live in big households that depend entirely on them. It’s perfectly fine not to have time for, e.g., yoga in that case. Just make sure you don’t lose yourself in the process! 

Accepting Body Size Boosts Confidence

Boosting women’s confidence 101: accept your flaws because absolutely nobody is perfect. As a matter of fact, the things we hate about ourselves are often those that make us unique and beautiful, such as freckles, birthmarks, or hair that can’t be tamed.


Instead of trying to change your body, learn to nurture it. If your hair is curly, try adequate products that will make it pop more instead of straightening it every day. This is just a random example of how you can positively take care of yourself — by enhancing your beauty and not just copy-pasting an Instagram look that wasn’t meant to be yours anyway. 


Women’s confidence is often fragile, but once acquired, it’s extremely powerful. Step into your power by accepting yourself, head to toe. Your face, your body, your mind, and your soul — all of them are gorgeous. And funnily enough, once you start seeing yourself as beautiful, once you start carrying yourself with your chin held high, everybody will notice it. Instead of searching for flaws, just wink to yourself and say how great you look today. 

Nobody Is Perfect

 Everyone has a past, and now and then, all of us make unwise choices. Should we suffer the consequences until we breathe? Absolutely not.


Unfortunately, some women go too far in finding their perfect esthetic selves. They can seriously endanger their health because they don’t find themselves beautiful enough! Hormonal imbalance is just an example, anorexia also, obesity, heart conditions, etc. Simply put, it’s not worth it. 


Nobody is or ever will be perfect. It’s the nature of us humans. Life is a precious gift, and every soul is unique; nurture your strengths and accept your weaknesses. You’re just another beautiful, imperfect human like all of us! And even if you’re an adult for a long time, it’s okay not to be great at it. It’s also okay to take a break and reinvent yourself whenever you feel the need.

What You Can Do

You can’t change your genes or acquire a completely different body — nor should you! So, what can you do?


  • Practice Acceptance: You are you, not anyone else, and if you don’t accept yourself, hardly anyone will. 
  • Baby Steps Are Okay: It’s alright to work on your physical appearance. Just don’t push it, and make sure you can commit to certain actions. Otherwise, you risk ending up disappointed. 
  • Positive Affirmations: It can feel fake, especially in the beginning, but it will make perfect sense in the long run. Just say something nice about yourself to yourself every day!
  • Try a Different Style: Sometimes, all we need is a little treat to feel better. A new piece of clothes or a different hairstyle can do wonders for you!
  • Go a Step Further: If you’re unhappy about your looks, go a step further and try to find out why. It will certainly help you grow and love yourself more!