A Complete Guide to Bottoming

For many gay men, bottoming is an intricate, intimate, and highly pleasurable activity. But while all kinds of sex, from sucking to topping, and even handjobs or kissing involve certain health issues, bottoming can be quite risky. Fortunately, it’s easy to learn about what it takes to become a healthy and happy bottom!

If you want to turn into the ultimate passive partner and take hard cocks or big toys in your asshole safely, take a look at this complete guide on bottoming! 

Anal Sex Safety Is Important, Especially for First-Timers 

First of all, many anal novices can make some crucial mistakes in their sex life. The first tip here is not to rush it and not to ignore some safety issues. That applies to any anal activity. 

Namely, the anal area is highly sensitive when it comes to stimulation and penetration. While sex can produce powerful anal or prostate orgasms, there are different risks to keep in mind. 

Practicing gay bottoming safely should always be your and your partner’s priority. Many things can go wrong in gay sex, starting from discomfort to even serious issues like fissures, tears, infections, and other injuries. 

To avoid any complication and make sex feel incredible, you’ll have to do some research on how to bottom effectively. 

Avoid Using Chemical Wipes When Cleaning Your Anus 

When it comes to preparing to bottom, you’ll have to pay close attention to hygiene. That will help you to avoid messy situations as well as stay clean. Keeping proper hygiene during anal penetration is crucial. However, there is still room for mistakes here. 

For instance, you should never use chemical wipes. While they are effective for wiping your hands or face, they could cause irritations in your anus. Namely, most products contain perfumes and scents with harmful chemicals that can produce some unwanted side-effects on the sensitive skin around your butthole. That can end in inflammation, discomfort, and painful anal itching. 

While it’s true that eliminating weird smells is essential for successful gay anal sex, you should stick to other, more reliable cleaning methods. 

Eat High Fiber Diet 

Fiber is an essential part of a healthy and well-balanced diet. It can improve digestion and regulate bowel movements. It is also a good remedy for constipation. And luckily, when it comes to anal adventures, fiber is simply essential.

The reason is that foods like beans, kale, grains, and broccoli can soften your stool. Many types of fiber can absorb and eliminate liquids. That way, they can get rid of any sloppy stool remains that can make an uncomfortable appearance during intimate moments. If you’re planning to turn anal sex into a daily activity, pay attention to your diet!

Use an Enema

Some experts say that the only way to stay clean truly is to use an enema. If you are worried that a messy situation could ruin your bottoming experience, it may be best to try an enema beforehand. That involves using an enema bulb and syringe to pump liquid into your rectum. In most cases, it’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds. The liquid (water) can then be pushed out, thereby cleaning your backdoor of any excrements. 

However, even if this sounds like the ultimate solution, it may not be completely safe. Some experts have claimed that enemas can increase the risk of infections, diseases, and warts. You can use lube instead of water to avoid these issues. Another way to decrease the risks is to use only a small amount of warm water (no soap) and a high-quality enema product. 

Fortunately, you may not always have to do all this. In most cases, it may be enough to go to the toilet a few hours before and take a warm shower.

Use Anal Training Kit or Butt Plugs

If you are struggling with pain or cannot work up the courage to fit a penis inside, it’s advisable first to explore some sex toys.

All in all, the two most effective products that any newbie bottoms should try are anal training kits or butt plugs. Essentially, with frequent use, butt plugs can gradually loosen your anus. Using one will fill you with a special kind of pressure, and it will feel really good. Over time, the size and shape of the toy will make your ass more receptive. It will make your inner and outer sphincter accustomed to any insertion. 

Moreover, training kits with beads or butt plugs that increase in size may be the most effective option. You can use a kit during solo masturbation to get familiar with your booty and explore its limits. A kit is a clever choice because it offers toys of various sizes in one product. That means you will not have to invest in separate toys — the kit will give you a wide range of sizes in one package. Plus, if your top is dominant, you could impress them with a kit and ask them to train you. 

These sturdy little anal plugs provide a feeling of fullness in the rectum, and help the wearer get used to feeling “something in the anus”.

Do Not Forget the Condom 

As always, you shouldn’t forget condoms. They are the most effective barrier that can eliminate the risks of most STIs. For example, they can lower the risk of HIV by nearly 70%. 

With anal sex, it’s important to pay attention to the condom and lubricant materials. The best choices here are latex condoms with water or silicone-based lubes. The products should contain “condom-safe” indications or labels. They are essential for anal intercourse, and using them with lube will eliminate the high risks of tears and injuries. 

For those who are using condoms and lubes with sex toys, it’s advisable to know the products’ materials to avoid any damage. Additionally, it’s crucial to always use condoms before any penis-to-anus contact or other sexual experiences.  

Make Sure You Relax to Avoid Fissures 

With any anal adventure, it’s crucial to stay calm and relaxed. If your partner uses force and you are inexperienced, you should stop right away. 

Penetration before any sex practice can cause serious discomfort and fissures that can become infected. That is one of the largest risks of gay anal activities. However, the best way to avoid any harmful tears is to take things slowly. 

That means you should take the time to engage in slow foreplay with fingers or toys. Even if you are fully trained, you’ll need a moment to stretch out. It’s worth noting that aroused and fully erect bottoms can have powerful anal contractions. 

These contractions can make insertion difficult. So try to stretch out your booty as much as possible during foreplay. Then, start with slow and gentle penetration. Additionally, another thing that will help you avoid any issues is to choose a comfortable position like doggy style.

Have Yourself Checked Every Three Months 

Unfortunately, while you can try all sorts of tips to eliminate pain and improve your anal pleasure, the only way to stay truly safe is to get tested frequently. If you’re not monogamous and prefer multiple partners, you should get an STI checkup once every three months. Even if you’re monogamous, make sure to get tested after six months and do so regularly. 

Lastly, to avoid any discrimination, stigma, or stress, it may be better to find a gay-friendly doctor or healthcare professional. It could be easier to find out about them online and get advice from other bottoms or tops. Of course, you should always ensure that your partner is healthy and ask them about their test results regularly. If, in any case, you notice frequent pain, bleeding, itches, inflammations, or lumps, visit a doctor as soon as possible. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, the tips we’ve talked about above should apply to any anal activities, regardless of whether you’re aspiring to take big cocks like a true porn star or if you’re looking for gentle and intimate encounters. Being a bottom is not easy, but if you follow our tips, you’ll stay healthy and you’ll have some mind-expanding anal experiences. So take a look at some butt plugs and start training today! Bottoms up!  

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