Is it Safe to Wear a Butt Plug for Long Periods of Time?

A butt plug, even butt plug or butt plug written and anal plug or butt plug called, is a sex toy. He is a kind of dildo, which is introduced into the anus and can remain there safely by its special form without slipping out or in. Butt plugs are used by both men and women. Do men have better orgasm with butt plug? They serve as preparation for anal intercourse as well as for sexual stimulation.

Function and use

A butt plug can be safely worn for foreplay or during vaginal intercourse or to prepare anal intercourse for a long time. A butt plug can be safely worn for foreplay or during vaginal intercourse or to prepare anal intercourse for a long time.

This article from Glamour tells about how to prepare anal sex.

Electric butt plug with vibration function

The use is usually as a means of anal stretching, that is, in preparation for a painless anal intercourse. The butt plug is inserted slowly before the anal intercourse into the anus and remains for a few minutes in this. This leads to a slight stretching of the anus and to relax the rectal muscle, the penetration of the penis is facilitated. Sometimes a butt plug will keep aware for a long time in the anus. Thus, the sphincter muscles of the anus can sphincter muscle and puborectalis muscle “trained” by regular wear to make the anal intercourse completely painless and pleasurable. Also, normal stimulation can achieve sexual stimulation while wearing a plug.

In addition to the actual function the relaxation of the muscles in the area of ??the anus the wearing of a butt plug can also be experienced as such pleasurable. The butt plug is thus also used during masturbation or as a supplementary stimulation during vaginal intercourse or for sexual prostate stimulation. For this purpose, butt plugs with vibrator function are sold. Wearing a butt plug during vaginal intercourse is experienced by both partners as pleasurable.

Many women find it particularly exciting to be completely filled in. A plug can help. It can be introduced some time before the actual sexual intercourse and thus provide for the foreplay already for variety. You can easily carry your anal plug over a period of 30 minutes to several hours. However, manufacturers recommend removing the butt plug at least once per hour in order to re-apply lubricants. So you can move freely without feeling uncomfortable. Of course, the anal plug can also be worn for masturbation. Incidentally, women use the butt plug when masturbating much more often than the masters of creation.

To form

Two features differentiate the butt plug from the dildo: It is rounded at one end and conically shaped to be well inserted. Then he rejuvenates himself; the final end, on the other hand, becomes so wide again that the butt plug cannot accidentally get completely into the anus. This shape ensures that the inserted butt plug without effort like a well-fitting stopper by itself remains at its destination. In this position, the sphincter engages in the taper of the butt plug. With the exception of inflatable models, each butt plug can be excreted by vigorous pressing or pulling on the lower end. Some butt plugs have grooves, comparable to dildos, which can cause an intense sensation when the plugs are turned.

There are butt plugs in different sizes, colors and shapes; with and without vibrator. There are also variants with dog, cat, fox, horse or rabbit tails, which are used for pet play. Butt plugs are usually made of silicone or jelly today. There are also butt plugs made of hard materials such as stainless steel, granite or glass. For hygienic reasons, you can cover the butt plug with a condom.

The butt plug, also known as anal plug or butt plug, can be classified in the category of sex toys. The butt plug is a dildo type that can be inserted into the anus and – due to the special shape – also remains in the anus. Anal pegs are used by women and men and are usually the following anal intercourse or pure sexual stimulation.

The use of the anal stopper

The butt plug differs in two points from the well-known dildo: The butt plug is rounded at the end and has a conical shape. This is sometimes the reason why it can also be easily introduced. The product tapers in the middle, with the terminal end of the plug being so wide that it cannot accidentally escape from the anus. The butt plug can therefore – without force and effort – remain like a “stopper” in the anus. Because the insertion ensures that the sphincter is spread around the taper of the stopper. A vigorous pressing ensures that the anal plug is removed again. Sometimes you can also pull at the bottom. It is important that enough lubricant is used during insertion or that the anal stopper is not inserted by force.

The different models and versions of anal plugs

Butt plugs come in different sizes, colors and shapes, but there are also models with and without vibrator. At the beginning it is advisable to take smaller variants and sometimes to do without a vibrator. Only with time and even if the wearer of the anal stopper gets used to it is advisable to come back to bigger or unusual products. Even horse, fox, dog, cat or rabbit tails are common models that are often used by so-called “Pet players”. As a rule, these special versions are only available in online shops or special sex shops.

Anal plugs are made of jelly or silicone, so that a pain-free insertion is possible and also the risk of injury can be significantly minimized. Furthermore, there are also anal plugs, which consist of granite, glass or stainless steel and much more.

Anal plugs are also used before or during lovemaking

The butt plug is inserted into the anus of the woman or man and remains in its position. Due to the shape, the butt plug cannot slip or otherwise move in any way. These sturdy little anal plugs provide a feeling of fullness in the rectum and help the wearer to get used to feeling “something in the anus”. The longer the man or woman has the butt plug, the more the anal muscles relax and open. Sometimes, while the anal plug is being worn, the partner can stimulate the genitals or irritate other parts of the body. Again and again, anal pegs are also used in lovemaking. For example, women or men like to use the anal stopper during foreplay or while having oral sex.