How to Be Confident in Bed

Sexual attraction is written in the stars: it either exists, or it doesn’t. Wild sex means spontaneity, creativity, and imagination. If you want to be the goddess of sex and get what you want from a man, you must always be fresh and full of novelties.

Don’t compare yourself to porn or movie stars because they don’t represent a realistic picture of ordinary people. Instead, keep reading because we’ll show you how to be sexy in bed, and how to be the best lover that your partner ever had!

Invest in Lingerie

Nowadays, it often happens that sex is left on the backburner because everyone is busy. However, if you want to surprise your man during a hard working week and be hot in bed, sexy underwear will light up his passion and raise his libido.

Your man knows that you bought the sexy underwear for his eyes alone, which makes him feel special. Besides, when a woman wears it, she looks sexier and feels like it. Sexy lingerie raises your self-confidence, so you will act more daring with your loved one. Also, men are visual types, so lace, halters, corset, or merely black thongs will do wonders!

Dirty Talk

Of course, a man loves you when you are polite and sophisticated in society, but between the four walls, whispering a few nasty words would surely get him off. Oh, and feel free to share your fantasies with him.

Many people think that “dirty talk” includes only words many are uncomfortable saying. But that is not necessarily true! Sexy conversations are erotic — that way, you can be someone else for a moment. It is also the perfect time to admit your fantasies — roleplaying, threesomes, bondage, wax play… Sex is, in fact, much more fun and exciting when accompanied by a juicy conversation.

Sex Playlist

Make your special playlist — he will remember all the steamy details from in-between the sheets whenever he hears it. The type of music will be entirely your choice!

We probably shouldn’t remind you, though, that picking something both of you aren’t fans of would not be the best solution. But if you want some universal advice, try aiming for sensual music to awaken passion and erotica. Pick something that will get both of you in the mood! For example, jazz music is an aphrodisiac to many, so why not give that a go? The resonating but soothing melody of a saxophone is sure to get your adrenaline pumping and raise your libidos.

Spritz Some Perfume

Perfume makers often say that a fragrance is “an invisible portrait of the person wearing it.” It is often enough just to spray perfume on your body and entirely change your image.

If you want your man to remember you as a sexy woman in bed and be able to recall your scent, put on a  perfume that exudes lust, desire, and provocativeness. Do not overdo it, though — use eau de toilette or apply perfume on specific body parts — wrists, lower neck, behind the ears, on the inside of the knee, and between the chest. A sensual scent does not only emphasize your sexuality but also defines it. Don’t forget to do this after showering on still-damp skin!

Do a Striptease

OK, let’s be honest — is there a guy on this planet who wouldn’t like to watch his girlfriend slowly stripping? I do believe we all know the answer.

All you have to do is put on a striptease show for him! Get sexy lingerie and seductive props, and let the games begin. Prepare the atmosphere — light the room with candles, put on some wild, erotic music, and have a chair on hand.

If you want to show yourself as a true professional in your sexy dance, take the hottest underwear you have — a corset, lace panties, and self-supporting socks in black, red, or gray. Of course, sexy high-heeled shoes are also a must.

Give a Massage Using Some Oil

Don’t forget to turn off all cellphones and computers, dim the lights, light scented candles, and play some relaxing music, and put on some hot underwear to tickle his imagination. After that, pick your massage oil of choice — some exotic scent or a relaxing one will do just fine. Heat the massage oil, put a few drops between your palms, and rub them to warm it up. Then, give him an unforgettable, sensual massage that will engage all of his senses.

And remember that there is no perfect technique for an erotic massage! The vital thing, though, is to maintain consistent energy flow through your hands and to invest yourself into your role as a masseuse.